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Weekending After a Break (Did you miss me?)


My weekend was 3 days long, due to the celebration of Pioneer Day  Pie 'n Beer Day. Smith and I had lunch together, enjoying pizza (The Pie has great GF pizza) and home brewed root beer. We spent as much of the day together, doing errands, working in the garden, and, also, fit in a trip to the local nursery to pick up seed potatoes for fall crop. I found elegant stones and shadows of plants, stamped into the cement and enjoyed looking down to find the treasures, as we walked around and looked at the plants. 

Friday nights plan to go out with a friend fell through, so I spent the evening on the patio reading, sipping wine, and watching the occasional firework that filled my night sky. The neighborhood loves their fireworks and I did not feel left out of the celebration. 


Saturday I made a trip to my favorite garden, Red Butte Gardens and found a wealth of beautiful blossoms, buzzing bees, and even a baby bunny hiding out behind an information sign. 

Sunday Smith had the day off and we made a Farmer's Market run just to have an early lunch of delicious tamales. We bought salsas for our afternoon snack, and enjoyed wandering around looking at the beautiful produce, but we did not buy, as our garden is bursting with the goodness of the earth. Later that night we had a lovely dinner and prepared ourselves for another work week.  

Why is it that even a 3 day weekend is gone in lightning fast time?


Why yes, I did miss you! Glad to hear you had a great long weekend, especially Pie 'n Beer Day. You Utahians have the best holidays!

Of course I missed you! Sounds like you made the most of your weekend, I'm glad you and Smith had a bunch of time together. You are right , though, even when the weekends are longer, they go by fast.

Definitely missed you! Hopefully you are revitalized. :)

Lovely 3-day weekend!

We did pie and beer day on Friday, with some tasty mini pies and Utah beer for Rudi and ginger beer for me. I wouldn't mind celebrating that way every weekend!

absolutely missed you and worried too, glad to see you back!

Yes, we missed you. The flower picture is especially nice. Actually, the whole weekend sounded nice!

It's the truth, every weekend (no matter how many days long) goes like lightning! It seems as though you made the most of it! Love that stepping stone...

You were missed! Your weekend was a lovely combination of all that we hope for! And, Dan found Pie somewhere...not sure about the beer!

Oh, I'm so glad you're back! It sounds like you had a lovely and relaxing weekend. It's been hot and horribly humid in Middle Earth, so there has been very little time spent outside. Happy Monday!!!!

I have totally missed you! It sounds like you had a marvelous - if too-short -- weekend! Summer is the best, and it looks like you're finding all the ways to soak it all up. (I love those stones. What a cool discovery!) XO

welcome back! of course I missed you!! looks like you crammed over a week's worth of fun into your 3-day weekend, though, so consider yourself caught up here - with a few extra credit points for pizza, farmers market and the very cool stone (and sandals) ;-)

You make excellent use of summer.

beautiful three day weekend! We are recovering from the wedding that had out of town family all weekend long. We are all tired and my house still has pockets of mess. However, there is left over wedding cake :) Love your pie and beer....

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