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Weekending After a Break (Did you miss me?)

Only Two Days


Many of us bemoan the oh-so-short weekends that leave those of workin' a job only two days to play.  But, my weekend was kicked off in great style, as I had dinner with a friend, even ate churros for dessert, and then watched as the setting sun did its best to amaze us. 


My Saturday was filled with a family reunion, time Uncle Cliff, my mom's brother, and a visit with my sisters.  We played Bingo, the traditional game of our family reunion. My grandpa worked for the Rio Grande and when they closed down Union Hall he was the recipient of their Bingo cards. Last year I didn't come close to winning a single game, but this year I won four times. I guess things even out over time. 


It was fun to catch up with my sisters for an afternoon. Leeann lives about 40 minutes away, but we're always running in different directions and rarely take time to meet. Melanie lives in Arizona, but promises we'll see each other more often as her daughter now lives in SLC. 


I'll let you in on a family secret. Last year I told you about my father's side of the family and my Great-great-great-great grandfather who was a polygamist. This year I found out my great-grandfather on my mother's side (her step-father) was also a polygamist. He even went to jail for not divorcing his 2nd wife. Polygamy is no laughing matter, but I got a kick out of this picture. 

The weekend also included time in the garden, time with Smith, time at the farmers market with Cheryl, a little time to knit, and not enough time to do a dozen other things I'd like to fit in.

So tell me, how did your weekend go? 


What a great weekend! Mine was filled with family, friends, and errands. The rain has stopped and it's going to be 98 today. Summer is finally here and I'm having a bit of trouble adjusting to the intense temperature change. We went from 60 to 90 in less than 60 seconds;-) Happy Monday, Sweetie!!!

Whew! Sounds like a good but nonstop weekend. My weekend was much less busy than yours - walking, reading, making art. Wild times. :)

That prison picture is pretty cool but you're right about polygamy, especially in our modern times. I'm glad you had fun with your family. We had a great weekend, too!

You made only two days seem like more! That sunset is stunning and your prison photo is quite intriguing. They look like dapper gentlemen despite being dressed in prison stripes. Thanks for sharing your weekend!

what an exciting past you have! Love the photo of you and your sisters :) You should frame it!

What a lovely weekend. We went kayaking yesterday

That's such an awesome photo of the prisoners! And how fun to have those old Bingo cards.

The market was fun, and the tamales delicious! Hmmm. Maybe I'll have the last one for breakfast this morning. Yum.

So nice to have some great family time! Dan is safe and sound at Capitol Reef! His roommates are a guy his age, a 50ish woman and a 70ish man. Should be some good stories there! Love the photos of you and your sisters.

BINGO! I haven't played in a while!!

It was a busy weekend here, and I wish I'd had a little more "me" time... but, as you said, "things even out over time." And I'm counting on that!!

That picture made me smile. I'm glad you enjoyed some great family time!

Wonderful! I really like the picture.

that prison photo is what showed up in my feedly stream - talk about a great "click through" prompt!!! my mom has a pillow that says "every family has a skeleton in their closet" (I'm still waiting to hear what hers is, but she's shared several on my dad's side ;-) I think it's great that you're still in touch with family beyond your immediate siblings...but hope you get to see more of your sisters. That's time well-spent for sure.

I love seeing you with your sisters! What a wonderful chance for you all to get together. (And what a fabulous treasure, those Bingo "cards!") That prison photo is FABULOUS!!! :-)

That sure is some weekend! Mine was not quite as exciting--catching up on laundry and a niece's third birthday party. Still, I managed some time in with the wheel doing that Tour de Fleece, and it has been nice to be spinning.

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