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Oy. This Shawl

You'd think by now I'd have the hang of knitting, of reading a pattern, of double checking before I start a row--you'd think. But, as you've heard before, I still make (a ton of) mistakes. I will now be tinking back the last two rows of knitting because I did a row of k2tog instead of a row of ssk. I also did the purl row that came after...which adds up to two rows of tinking (as I said).


It's all, every bit of it, the forth-ing and backing, the good and the bad, it's all part of the process and I truly believe that. I may sit in a grump for awhile, but it doesn't last long. I realize the only way to go forward is to go back. It's only two rows, which will mean I'm 3 rows from finishing this section and moving onto the edging. That's all good, the journey will continue, even though it's a slow one. 

Things are not as they appear. The colors are COMPLETELY OFF. Maybe when it's finished I'll have better luck with photo shoot. 

Wild Wednesday

19954351785_d565e57046_oI totally lucked out with this shot. While the jays grab the peanuts I snap and snap pictures, one after the other, and sometimes get lucky as I did last Thursday. Dad was hiding a peanut in a nearby tree, mom is on the ledge and baby is the one flying.

The scrub jays endlessly entertain me as they fly between tree and bush, side to side, gliding through the air with ease.The baby still has a beautiful pristine tail and perfect wings that have not been beat up by time. He hasn't begged or fluttered his wings in the baby way for some time now, but he does call for mom and dad if he's left alone for too long. He/she searches the skies for wanted company (or if magpies are in the area) and calls and calls. However, the pretty little thing seems to be doing well alone and is left to his/her own devices.

Blueberry Day

Some climates are lucky enough to grow bounteous forms of blueberries and cranberries, which I'm sure you've seen on Carole's blog, blueberries don't grow as well in Utah because our climate is more arid. The blueberries I find are seasonal and when I can find organic, plump, fresh and glorious berries, I buy them. Often I end with a large bag of frozen berries from the Big Box Blue Warehouse store. 

I eat blueberries every day. I love the pop and flavor in my mouth and the healthy benefits they give, but I am not a baker, in fact, I really don't like to bake because baking GF is an art I have no desire to pursue. I'll toss a boxed cake or muffin together once in awhile, but that's about it. Which means my list will not include much in the way of baking. I eat GF and I take the easy road. No pies, no cakes.  So, today I give you the abbreviated version of Ten on Tuesday


1. Almost every day I make a bowl of GF oatmeal. I have a special way of making it. It take 2 minutes and 3o seconds in the microwave (I breaking the time into segments and watch carefully for spillovers). After it is fully cooked, I sprinkle on a little coconut sugar (1/2 a tsp) and toss in a handful of blueberries (frozen or fresh), then sprinkle a little bit of crunchy GF granola. It's a tasty ritual, which I enjoy with a small pot of tea. 

2. I love blueberries, whether fresh or dried, toss into a green salad. If they're fresh they pop in my mouth and deliver all their tasty sweetness. Dried blueberries are very good, but hard to find and/or expensive, but if I run across them I'll enjoy their chewy goodness.

3. I love eating a handful of  blueberries right out of the fridge. I love the freshness and the flavor, each little berry covering my tongue with its tart sweetness. 

4. Once in awhile I'll make a smoothie, but it's not a usual event. Blueberries are very good at disguising other flavors, like greens. 

5. We love our coconut milk ice cream and my favorite thing to put over the top is a mix of berries, or just blueberries, depending what's on hand.  That's my treat when it comes to good, sweet things to do with blueberries. 

What is your favorite way to eat blueberries? And, can you pick them fresh where you are? 

Weekending After a Break (Did you miss me?)


My weekend was 3 days long, due to the celebration of Pioneer Day  Pie 'n Beer Day. Smith and I had lunch together, enjoying pizza (The Pie has great GF pizza) and home brewed root beer. We spent as much of the day together, doing errands, working in the garden, and, also, fit in a trip to the local nursery to pick up seed potatoes for fall crop. I found elegant stones and shadows of plants, stamped into the cement and enjoyed looking down to find the treasures, as we walked around and looked at the plants. 

Friday nights plan to go out with a friend fell through, so I spent the evening on the patio reading, sipping wine, and watching the occasional firework that filled my night sky. The neighborhood loves their fireworks and I did not feel left out of the celebration. 


Saturday I made a trip to my favorite garden, Red Butte Gardens and found a wealth of beautiful blossoms, buzzing bees, and even a baby bunny hiding out behind an information sign. 

Sunday Smith had the day off and we made a Farmer's Market run just to have an early lunch of delicious tamales. We bought salsas for our afternoon snack, and enjoyed wandering around looking at the beautiful produce, but we did not buy, as our garden is bursting with the goodness of the earth. Later that night we had a lovely dinner and prepared ourselves for another work week.  

Why is it that even a 3 day weekend is gone in lightning fast time?

Only Two Days


Many of us bemoan the oh-so-short weekends that leave those of workin' a job only two days to play.  But, my weekend was kicked off in great style, as I had dinner with a friend, even ate churros for dessert, and then watched as the setting sun did its best to amaze us. 


My Saturday was filled with a family reunion, time Uncle Cliff, my mom's brother, and a visit with my sisters.  We played Bingo, the traditional game of our family reunion. My grandpa worked for the Rio Grande and when they closed down Union Hall he was the recipient of their Bingo cards. Last year I didn't come close to winning a single game, but this year I won four times. I guess things even out over time. 


It was fun to catch up with my sisters for an afternoon. Leeann lives about 40 minutes away, but we're always running in different directions and rarely take time to meet. Melanie lives in Arizona, but promises we'll see each other more often as her daughter now lives in SLC. 


I'll let you in on a family secret. Last year I told you about my father's side of the family and my Great-great-great-great grandfather who was a polygamist. This year I found out my great-grandfather on my mother's side (her step-father) was also a polygamist. He even went to jail for not divorcing his 2nd wife. Polygamy is no laughing matter, but I got a kick out of this picture. 

The weekend also included time in the garden, time with Smith, time at the farmers market with Cheryl, a little time to knit, and not enough time to do a dozen other things I'd like to fit in.

So tell me, how did your weekend go? 

The Early Days

Something shifted in my life, I'm not sure exactly what or why, but before 2010 I was more productive when it came to knitting (and probably, everything else).  I've been thinking about some of the very large projects I've knit in past and, while searching through the blog, found two of the very large shawls from the early days.

HangingvinesOne of the largest shawls I ever made was Hanging Vines, which was knit with Judy's beautifully dyed single from her company, Ball and Skein. I remember how quickly the lace repeat was committed to memory and how easily the yarn flowed through my fingers. Once finished, I carried it along on a hike and had a great photo shoot at Willow Heights Lake.


The next big shawl, and one of my most favorite shawls ever is, Hidcote. The photo shoot for this shawl is a forever favorite too, as Smith and I took pictures when we visited Bryce Canyon where the views can't be beat!


The shawl is gigantic, soft, elegant, and simply stunning. I'm not sure I ever wore it again, but it's going to a fine new home, as my sister will be wearing when she marries in September. I'm sure this shawl will engulf her, but I think she knows I'm surrounding her with love.

Happy America's Day, friends! Have a safe and delightful 4th of July!