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Something shifted in my life, I'm not sure exactly what or why, but before 2010 I was more productive when it came to knitting (and probably, everything else).  I've been thinking about some of the very large projects I've knit in past and, while searching through the blog, found two of the very large shawls from the early days.

HangingvinesOne of the largest shawls I ever made was Hanging Vines, which was knit with Judy's beautifully dyed single from her company, Ball and Skein. I remember how quickly the lace repeat was committed to memory and how easily the yarn flowed through my fingers. Once finished, I carried it along on a hike and had a great photo shoot at Willow Heights Lake.


The next big shawl, and one of my most favorite shawls ever is, Hidcote. The photo shoot for this shawl is a forever favorite too, as Smith and I took pictures when we visited Bryce Canyon where the views can't be beat!


The shawl is gigantic, soft, elegant, and simply stunning. I'm not sure I ever wore it again, but it's going to a fine new home, as my sister will be wearing when she marries in September. I'm sure this shawl will engulf her, but I think she knows I'm surrounding her with love.

Happy America's Day, friends! Have a safe and delightful 4th of July!


Beautiful pictures of stunning shawls! Glad the Hidcote is coming out of storage to be part of a special day. Congratulations to you (oh, and to the bride, also)!

You further beautified Bryce and Willow Heights with your lovely shawls and it's wonderful that your sister will be surrounded by love and Hidcote!

You might just consider that you have been knitting beautiful things for a long time so they have accumulated. Both of those shawls are exquisite and what a joy to be able to give your sister that beautiful shawl to wear on her wedding day that I hope you and Smith will be able to attend. Happy 4th weekend. Stay cool and have fun!!!!!

Maybe you just got knitting big fiddly things out of your system? They're gorgeous!

Have a great holiday weekend yourself! :)

Beautiful! Hidcote will be a stunning wedding shawl, and your sister will certainly feel surrounded by your love!!

I know that, for me, knitting was where I channeled nearly all of my energy (and free time) back in the day. It was the heyday of knitting/blogging and the energy was... well, energizing! My focus is not so narrow anymore, as not only am I interested and invested in other creative pursuits, but my family dynamic (and their interests, which affect me/mine to some degree or another) have also changed. As always, I just try to go with the flow...

Have a wonderful long holiday weekend with Smith!!


i just love love love that hanging vines shawl, of course its pink - so beautiful and your sister will look lovely in Hidcote. Happy Happy weekend

gorgeous shawls and I think this was before I found you!

These are gorgeous--both are a tour de force. But, so are many of the smaller pieces you've shown on the blog. Your sister will love having such a beautiful addition to her wedding ensemble. I am aching to get to Bryce Canyon. And, you made me think of a spectacular photo of the Milky Way taken in much Utah beauty including your knitting!

I remember both of those shawls very well. I think it's wonderful that you are giving Hidcote to your sister for her wedding.

wow. stunning. simply stunning. and best wishes to your sister on her marriage. for sure wearing that shawl will surround her with blessings. knitting is the best, isn't it?!

what a wonderful use for that shawl! so happy for you (and her).

What a fantastic gift for your sister. It will be perfect for her wedding.

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