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Blueberry Day

Some climates are lucky enough to grow bounteous forms of blueberries and cranberries, which I'm sure you've seen on Carole's blog, blueberries don't grow as well in Utah because our climate is more arid. The blueberries I find are seasonal and when I can find organic, plump, fresh and glorious berries, I buy them. Often I end with a large bag of frozen berries from the Big Box Blue Warehouse store. 

I eat blueberries every day. I love the pop and flavor in my mouth and the healthy benefits they give, but I am not a baker, in fact, I really don't like to bake because baking GF is an art I have no desire to pursue. I'll toss a boxed cake or muffin together once in awhile, but that's about it. Which means my list will not include much in the way of baking. I eat GF and I take the easy road. No pies, no cakes.  So, today I give you the abbreviated version of Ten on Tuesday


1. Almost every day I make a bowl of GF oatmeal. I have a special way of making it. It take 2 minutes and 3o seconds in the microwave (I breaking the time into segments and watch carefully for spillovers). After it is fully cooked, I sprinkle on a little coconut sugar (1/2 a tsp) and toss in a handful of blueberries (frozen or fresh), then sprinkle a little bit of crunchy GF granola. It's a tasty ritual, which I enjoy with a small pot of tea. 

2. I love blueberries, whether fresh or dried, toss into a green salad. If they're fresh they pop in my mouth and deliver all their tasty sweetness. Dried blueberries are very good, but hard to find and/or expensive, but if I run across them I'll enjoy their chewy goodness.

3. I love eating a handful of  blueberries right out of the fridge. I love the freshness and the flavor, each little berry covering my tongue with its tart sweetness. 

4. Once in awhile I'll make a smoothie, but it's not a usual event. Blueberries are very good at disguising other flavors, like greens. 

5. We love our coconut milk ice cream and my favorite thing to put over the top is a mix of berries, or just blueberries, depending what's on hand.  That's my treat when it comes to good, sweet things to do with blueberries. 

What is your favorite way to eat blueberries? And, can you pick them fresh where you are? 


This has reminded me to put blueberries in my oatmeal this morning.

That is a delectable-looking photo! I've never added blueberries to a salad or tried dried blueberries, so thank you for expanding my ways to enjoy blueberries!

I don't bake much either, but I eat a whole lot of blueberries . . . just plain! I am lucky to live in BlueberryLand. I can pick'em, I can grow'em, I can find them fresh (right now) everywhere I look! (I love dried blueberries in the winter.)

I have blueberries right here on my desk, ready for a late morning snack. :)

My brother and SIL will bring me back wild blueberries from their cabin in a few weeks. They are SO tiny. But very tasty!

As you undoubtedly know, there are no places to pick blueberries here in Denver. They're sure delicious, and seem to be available most of the time.

I have a couple of baked goods on my list, but that's mostly a fond memory... my favorite way to eat blueberries is fresh and by the handful! So good!!

I love them just by themselves, too, and mixed into oatmeal or yogurt. They are yummy and blueberry pie is my favorite kind of pie.

I can pick them here, but I don't every often, too lazy! I eat them almost daily for breakfast, on cereal, in yogurt. I am just as partial to strawberries - yum.

We can pick them here, but I just buy them :) This morning I had blueberries with yogurt and granola, and I'll have some on their own this afternoon. I love blueberry season!

Oh that ice cream looks so good. And I must explore coconut sugar. I'm looking for any avenue to try and dump my serious early a.m. sugar habit.

I've seen blueberry bushes in the area, but I don't think they're anywhere near as prevalent as in the Northeast. I'm excited to start making breakfast for Charlie on Tuesdays and oatmeal is going to feature heavily...with bananas, blueberries, peaches, apples, cranberries, raisins... You also remind me I need to try coconut milk ice cream!

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