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You Might Say It's Hot

The weather this weekend was what you might call blistering. It was 105 on our patio both Saturday and Sunday. It felt like a blast furnace when you walked out the door. We did our best to stay cool, mostly by hibernating.


But, Saturday, we decided it was too hot to cook, so we headed to our favorite Mexican place and ate dinner on the patio. We weren't the only ones enjoying shade of the umbrellas and eating guacamole (and drinking ice cold drinks).  Later that night, after it had cooled down to 97, we walked over to the high school to watch the sunset. We could see the air quality was poor, but the sunset was beautiful, nonetheless. 

Beading progress

My indoor activity was beading my Alabama Chanin T-shirt and I made good progress. Placing each bead is time consuming and slightly fiddly, but I've only a couple more small petals to do on this side of the T. On the other side of the neck, I've only started to cut the detail. Nothing about the process says fast, but I'm enjoying every stitch. 

I'm looking forward to the the weekend, as I took Thursday off to spend with Smith, which means I'll have 4 days off. We can only hope the weather will cool down by then. 


We are finally getting a tiny break from the blast furnace, and I hope you get one this week as well. Whew! Your tee shirt looks fabulous! I can hardly wait to see the finished product. Look forward to your long weekend; the week will be a short one for you!

That beading is spectacular and well worth the time and effort it must take. Beautiful sunset photo. I have a sunset photo on my blog today, too!

Yay for four days off! I love the shape and color of those beads. We were freezing yesterday....56 degrees and a wind-swept rain. Crazy weather.

It's great that you'll have a long weekend together - you need it!

The tee is spectacular--you will need a dinner in a fancy restaurant to show it off when you're finished!

"...cooled down to 97..."

Your t-shirt is looking so good!! I also spent some time with beads and sequins over the weekend.

Here's to 4 days off with the ones we love! Your AC work is just spectacular. I can't wait to see a modeled shot!

Ack!!! I would MELT even at 97. O.o Stay cool and hydrated! And enjoy your four-day weekend. :)

That t-shirt is just stunning! LOVE.IT!!! Stay cool, Margene. That is just awfully hot . . .

I cannot believe your heat. And our cold.

Whoa that beading is amazing! Y'all are making it harder and harder to resist the AC pull! (and no comments from this end of the country about the heat ;-)

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