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Wednesday's Are For Knitting

Getting organized in a timely manner in order to list my Summer Bucket List just didn't happen. However, there are several things I'd like to do this summer while the sun shines and the skies are blue and first on my list is to soak up the heat! I'm the one who is always complaining about how cold I am so my intent is to get as much warmth into my skin as I can (not by sitting in the sun, but in any other way I can). 


Second on my list is to knit, read, and sew every chance I get. I am working on my beading my Alabama Chanin T-shirt, a slow, slow process, but loving every bead and sequin I sew into place. I'd also like to work on my Market Bag and maybe sew a pair of pants, ala Marcy Tilton and Vogue.

And, since Wednesday's are for knitting, I plan on knitting as often as possible through the summer. Through the Loops Mystery is on my needles now and since it's a mystery, the results are slightly obscured.


I love my-new-favorite-color of Kim's yarn, Through the Looking Glass. At some point, there should be the addition of another color (where or when remains a mystery) and I think my choice will look great with the blue. I am much enamored with the process of the lace, even if it has tripped me up a few times, but sometimes the process means "back"  as much as it means "forth".  How does your knitting go? 


Oh back and forth for certain. I'm knitting Color Affection and am already off one stitch in the first section! Your blue mystery is lovely! And THOSE BEADS! ;-)

I love the beading, Margene! (Someday, I will try some myself.) I've done my share of "backwards and forwards" on this mystery shawl, that's for sure. (Another great thing about Kim's yarn . . . it's durable!!!) Through the Looking Glass is (maybe) my favorite of Kim's colorways. :-)

what a mysterious post....lovely beginnings of a mystery knit and I hope you get that summer bucket list all fleshed out!

That blue is gorgeous, as is your beading!

That blue is looking lovely. So funny that we both messed up in the exact same way. I'm through to Clue 3 now and being more careful.

I can see why that cover is your favorite!

I'm all for you spending your free time reading, stitching and long as you pause every so often to share some inspiration with us! Your mystery shawl reminds me I keep meaning to read (or maybe listen to?) Alice in Wonderland. Now seems like the perfect time with your lovely blue yarn to guide the way!

That T shirt with the beading is spectacular (and I mean literally, too). I like you plan for free time . Sounds perfect to me.

Yes, it is a back and forth kind of process- lace that it. ;-) Hoping to start mine later tonight. Love, love your color.

Love the color of your mystery shawl! I hope I am finally past the row that tripped me up way too many times!

I love the color of your shawl...such a pretty blue. I finished clue 2 last night, so now I'm one to clue 3. Enjoy the mystery!

I'm knitting my Mystery Shawl with Through the Looking Glass, too! I'm going to keep it all the same color, though, as I'm kind of burnt out on two color shawls at the moment. Those beads are amazing - what a lot of work that must be - but it's beautiful!

Still contemplating and experimenting with how I'm going to accomplish/finish/embellish my new Alabama Chanin project... there will be beads & sequins, that's for sure!

I am so enjoying Kirsten's mystery! That's a lovely color you're using.

That's definitely a lovely color.

Lovely stitching and knitting! I could just fall into the deep, gorgeous, richness of that blue. Your summer plans sound like they should bring much joy for you. My knitting is coming along. I'm making progress on a cardigan and knitting small things from Anna Hrachovec's new book, Adventures in Mochimochiland and just having such fun with that. I'm thinking about starting a new lace something, so I have some fun times ahead of me looking through patterns.

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