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Do you remember my promise of revealing my Romi's Mystery? We took pictures over Memorial Day weekend, but the last week of the month is a busy time and fitting in a post just wasn't to be. However, waiting until this week gave me time to take more pictures at one of my favorite places, one I think you'll recognize. Between Silver Lake and Red Butte Gardens, I have the best back drops of any place.

The minute I decided to knit Romi's Mystery, I asked Vicki to dye my yarn in the colors of water and sky. She dyed several skeins and I picked 2 that I thought were close to my vision. However, before I'd knit many rows, I decided the second skein needed more contrast. Vicki concurred, and I was happy to hear she still had one of the darker skeins on hand.  It made all the difference.

Knitting a mystery is a unique experience, as you never know what the designer has in mind. You trust her, you take each step with her and, while you may have reservations, you act on faith and just go with it.

The  colors worked out perfectly, the design exactly right for my water and sky vision, as the lace and stripe sections remind me of waves.

The size of the shawl is large enough to cover my shoulders  and keep my arms from the chill of air conditioning.  Romi's Mystery 2015 and Vicki's Make.Do.Dream, six weeks of knitting time (I'm slow, but I get there eventually), and a whole lot of fun all wrapped around me. I love knitting.


I love it, Margene! It is so gorgeous, and it fits wonderfully with your vision. The size seems perfect for you. It's been a while since I've done a mystery knit, but you might have inspired me to try again soon. xoxo

It is just perfect in every way, Margene! The color and the design work so well with your own vision for water-and-sky. Absolutely stunning.

The colors are perfect for you and you did a wonderful job with it. I love that even though we all knit the same shawl they all look so very different. Wear it well!

So very, very pretty.

Someone in my knit group mentioned your beautiful shawl last night. Were your ears burning? Love how it turned out...great job.

beautiful!!! I do love her patterns, so intricate and well written. You look lovely :)

I love your vision, Vicki's yarn, your knitting, and your incredibly lovely Water and Sky! This may be the shawl that motivates me to overcome my reservations and knit a mystery.

Lovely! You, the shawl, and the background.

The shawl is pretty, but you are beautiful.

Now I know why you got some blue hair. This looks like an engaging fun knit!

Perfect photos of you and your beautiful finish. is what makes me happy every day!

Magnificent combination of pattern and yarn color! And it looks wonderful on you.

What a gorgeous shawl. Awesome photo shoot!

It looks amazing! And I love your blog re-design -- looks great!!

I love how your and Romi's visions converged - the perfect mix (or match?!) for a gorgeous FO. and so special that Vicki dyed the yarn. Margene, it's a lovely piece in so many ways! xo.

Gorgeous! Romi's designs are wonderful - and this one is absolutely stunning done up in those colors!


I'm so happy you were able to take some photos at Silver Lake, too! I visited with you once, and now I feel as though I have again. ;)

That was a fun mystery to knit, and I'm delighted that the yarn worked out so well.
Brava, and grazie!! XOX

Beautiful, beautiful!

Beautiful! And now you can have a little piece of your beloved sky indoors with you whenever you want.

Wow! That's just *lovely.*

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