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Last week was my week of contemplating, of time with friends, quiet time, busy time. There was little (just a little) knitting, and just a little sewing and a blur of life going by.  What remains a mystery to me, is how so many people can get so much done in the same 24 hours of the day I have. I try to fit it all in, but come no where close to all the things I desire to do. 


The weekend was all about gardens, but I didn't even have time to make it up to Red Butte. In the community garden I weeded several beds and harvested the end of the radish crop. I then bought plants for the front garden of our condo. Management remove bushes that hadn't thrived during the dry winter and add a layer of top soil, leaving us a blank slate to plant. We bought plants for shade and still need to find a ground cover we like. Spare time this week will be spent searching through nurseries for ground cover.   

18627738710_522ff13971_kThe weekend few by, summer is in full swing. and I'm enjoying this warm and beautiful time of year. How's your summer going? 



I'm with you on the 24 hour thing. I'm in awe of what people get done! That last picture is a beauty Margene!

Oh summer! Our local Farmer Market just began over the weekend... that means Saturday mornings are booked (and usually means a nap on Saturday afternoon, too!) That cuts into my "free" time a bit, but longer days help.

How do I get everything done? I DON'T! Housecleaning is on an as-needed basis and put off for as long as possible. And I try to keep moving/doing. I have found (just last Wednesday, for instance) that if I stop and think too hard about it all, I end up paralyzed and do nothing! Sometimes there are just too many possibilities... I'd rather have it that way than the other, tho. ;)

Your garden photos are so pretty!

summer is in full swing here and it's not summer! It's hot and humid and soupy out. Lovely garden photos and I love the shadow of you :)

Our summer has been slow starting, but we just returned from a glorious weekend in Estes Park. Love the wild, yet cultivated look of the flower photo!

Oh, Margene! I know just what you mean about scheduling! I think I schedule 72 hours of "stuff" for every single day. . . then I feel bad about not getting it all accomplished! Gardening is a great reminder . . . to stop and smell the roses (or pull the radishes!). XO

I love your garden pictures. I try to be really happy if I get one important thing done per day. This weekend it was a tandem bicycle ride, some gym time and some work.

The front garden sure looks different! (And blank.)
How fun to pick out something new.

Beautiful photos. I too am constantly chasing the sun and trying to get things done by days end. There never seems like there's enough time for all the things. :-) Glad to see you have sun! We now have rain.

I often have to remind myself of your wise words up there in the right hand corner. It is the process! Enjoy all your processes of weeding, gardening, quiet time, knitting, and taking these lovely photos. I especially love that last one; thanks for sharing the beauty of your wildflowers!

A week too busy for you to blog was obviously a week well-spent! Love the glimpses of your garden and the bright summer colors. We're forecasting 90 degrees plus all this week. Not even officially summer and already I'm wilting ;-(

Where DOES the time go?!

Gorgeous photos. :)

Oh, I don't know, Sweet Pea. You seem to pack quite a bit into your 24 hours. Love the garden shot. And hostas in the front. I love hostas. I have reached a stage in my life where I'm working on being grateful and living in the moment. I'll get back to you on how it's going. Hugs!!!

I hear you on those twenty-four hours. I suppose there will always be more, so I am trying to just enjoy doing what I can in my time.

Summer weather just jumped all over us in all its humid, hot, horribleness, so we're not getting much done outside for now. I'm returning to some knitting and being thankful for air conditioning. xo

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