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Carole asked us to come up with "10 Things You Love About your Home" and I had to think about it for awhile. We've lived in this place for 35 years and it is getting a little tattered and dated. It needs new carpet, new furnishings and a new a/c unit, new kitchen, and a few other repairs.  But, when it came right down to it, I had no trouble coming up with a list for ToT.

1. I love that we live in a condo, which is more like a row house or a townhouse, with 3 floors (including a basement). We have no lawn to mow, no snow to remove, no roof to replace, and a mailbox that drops the mail right into the house. Condo living is the best.

2. I love that we have a big front lawn and tons of trees throughout the grounds. We only care for our front garden (if we choose). The other big amenity is the pool!


3. I love that when I drive home this is the view I see. 


4. I love the stained glass window, made by a dear friend, which sits above the front door. I like that the front door faces north and the living room stays a little cooler because of it. But as you might guess, the back of the house faces south and that can make the patio unbearable in very hot summers. Like now.


5. I love our patio, when it's not 105 in the shade. We use the patio much of the spring and fall and some summer evenings are very comfortable, too. (Just not right now.)

6. I love the layout of first floor and the open living room, kitchen, and dining area, as it has a nice flow and (if we like) it is easy to entertain (not that we have in years).

7. I love that our bedroom is large, large enough we were able to build in a wall of cupboards and drawers, as well as an area for a TV (rarely used) and a small stereo. 

8. I love we have a dozen large closets.  If you care to know--in the basement we have a double closet in the bedroom/office. In the hallway there is a double closet and a single closet, as well as, a space under the stairs, and to make the basement space even better, a large walk-in pantry. The main floor has a paltry pantry, a broom closet, and a coat closet. Upstairs we have a wealth of closets, the deep and double wide linen closet, double closets in the guest room, and a walk-in closet in our bedroom. Unfortunately, they are all stuffed (not by me, I might add). 

9. I love our new furnace (the one we replaced was 44 years old) and that it works with our ancient air conditioning to cool the house. THANK GOODNESS!

10. I just asked Smith what his favorite thing about our house was and he said "YOU" and I am now in tears. 

And, as everyone else is likely saying today, there really is no place like home.


Smith's answer would be my answer, too.

I think I am vicariously in love with Smith right now. What a wonderful answer he had for you!

Smith is simply wonderful (and your home sounds pretty great, too)!

That's just so romantic. And, your house is well loved and well lived. That is precious. Hugs, Grrl!!!

That Smith is the best! And spot on!! ❤❤❤

What a nice guy! And I can tell your house is a home!

That Smith! He really has his priorities straight!!!! I love your house, Margene -- and feel so very fortunate to have been a guest there. I can attest to its comfort and warmth and loveliness! XOXO

My parents just bought a condo and are still not sure if they will like it compared to the house they are in now. I think they will love it! Your view is beautiful. And that stained glass is gorgeous!

Awwww. Smith's reaction is so sweet--it would keep me going for the rest of the year! Your view is so beautiful--that's worth a lot!

Smith is definitely on his game! I am sure your answer would be the mirror image of his. I hope you have a great holiday week.

Awwww. That is so sweet. You have a great place

Smith is awesome. But we already knew that.

Thank you for this line of thinking!! I have been so stressed about my house lately, and the upgrades we are slowly trying to do. This sounds like an exercise I need to do in the meantime to get me through it! All I have been thinking about are the things that need to be done (painting, replacing light fixtures --about 50% done), and the things I don't like...the Master bedroom is too small, small closets (that, I, admittedly have filled), etc, etc. Spring has been a good time to get outdoors and enjoy working on the flowerbeds and get away from it a little. I realize I need to look at my glass half full, and enjoy what I have. I do like to walk around the fish pond/park area, enjoy the sunsets, and I'm glad for the new little area in the basement we cleared out and had refinished as a playroom for the grandkids. We all do have a lot to be thankful for! Thanks again!

you MUST keep smith FOREVER. I loved that you shared that with us :) Your home sounds lovely and wonderful. I can imagine having a condo being less stressful than a whole house. The lawn takes up a lot of my husband's time.

Visiting from the link-up. Sounds like a lovely place to live. Love the view of the mountain. I have wondered if I would like to downsize to a condo. The idea of no lawn work or snow removal is appealing!

Your home is so welcoming, and appreciated your guestroom/bath when I stayed when hubby was in the hospital! I love your appreciation for decor that is meaningful and artistic, as well as the displays of your lovely artwork! It is truly a "home".

oh how sweet. We just moved from a house to an apartment, and I love it for many of the same no maintenance reasons you gave. Your view is stunning.

I love Smith's answer! Now I'm wondering what the closets are stuffed with. ;-)

Smith... such a sweetheart!! I've never lived in a condo, but I think as some point I would like it. A lot.

Oh man, your man is amazing.

aw, what a sweet ending! and wow!!! all those closets! I love where you live, too - those glimpses of mountains and seasons are always a welcome change for me.

Oh, Smith! :D

A dozen closets. I am agog!

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