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Green Weekend


Smith had the weekend free, which is a very rare occurrence and we took full advantage of the time. Our front garden was denuded, which was our wish, and we spent the weekend planting anew and making the garden our own. The garden had not been updated since the 1970s and we felt the bushes needed to be removed and the ground replanted. Withe the consent of our neighbors we added the Japanese Maple and planted shade loving plants, which should fill in over time. The idea is to add ground cover as needed. I'm very pleased with the way it's looking, so far. 


Smith harvested the first of the garlic from our big garden and it looks like this year will be a banner year. With the temperatures climbing we try to keep the garden watered and the early plants from  feeling deprived of moisture. It means at least a trip a day to keep the garden hydrated.

The weekend was spent in a blur of gardening and time with friends, loving the sun, wishing the summer were longer, and enjoying the heat. Truly, you'll think I'm crazy, but I am happy to soak up the sun (as I've said) and enjoy the heat as I can. The temperatures will climb into the 100s this week and will be even hotter next, which I will admit, is a little too much (and too early) for my delicate constitution (JK), even if it is dry heat. In any case, bring on the summer! 


I love your Japanese Maple and that garlic is gorgeous! Glad you and Smith could spend the weekend with dirt under your fingernails...together!

I'm with you - no complaining about the heat! It's humid here and that makes me want to wilt but I still prefer that to the cold of winter. Your garlic looks amazing and your new garden looks great, too.

Lovely lovely front garden. It should make you smile for many years. Will the Japanese Maple bronze in the fall?

You will enjoy that new front yard for a long, long time. Very pretty. After the winter we had, I wouldn't even consider complaining about the warmth. Its great!

That was a lovely rehab! I do not envy your temperatures.

What a lovely new bed!!! Love the Japanese maple especially. Enjoy the summer. It goes far too quickly. Soak up every moment of heat and sun!!!

I'm with you, bring on the heat! The new bed looks great! Glad you and Smith had a nice weekend together!

Sorry, I'm not in in eschewing complaints about the heat. It is so muchhotter here than was the case when we first moved to Colorado. The plantings are beautiful!

that new bed looks so pretty and fresh - I'm sure you're loving the new look (and dreaming of japanese maple shade - it casts the best shadows!) I'm wishing you all the heat, my friend. we're "just" in the 90's here, but with the humidity, it feels like 100 every day!

Your new garden is lovely, especially the cute little maple tree.

Oh, the little garden is looking good!

Personally, if it stayed in the mid-70s all summer, I'd be happy. :)

oh that maple tree is a wee one :) Adorable! I'd like to have more ornamental trees on our property, they are pretty!

Yay Summer!! I spent some time soaking up the sun and heat today -- it felt so good!

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