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Another Beautiful Box

18908195261_8b065fb37f_oMy sunglass are pictured for size comparison.

My brother made this box when he was in high school woodshop.  By that time I had my own place and had no idea he was working on something so grand.  The year must have been 1978 or 79 and he gave it to me for Christmas. You could have knocked me over with a feather--I was so touched! 

He knew, at the time, I liked and wore a lot of jewelry and that I had a thing for boxes. He knew I would love and use it to hold my treasures, although, now, it holds the special pieces I rarely, if ever, wear. Years ago I wore bracelets and necklaces, earrings and pins, but now I only wear earrings, maybe the occasional pin. Necklaces bother my neck and bracelets just get in my way. I'm more of a minimalist overall, but especially when it comes to my wardrobe.  

By way of an update, the box I received when I graduated high school went to a friend (Susan, I'm looking at you) who said she would love it. I feel very good about giving it a good home, as she was delighted when I put it in her hands. 


That is beautiful. My brother (a talented writer, but not good with his hands)made me a pair of book ends. They are treasured. I'm so glad Susan got your high school box. I remember now that mine was given when I was a high school senior, but it was from a local jeweler who gave them to all the senior girls. Happy Thursday!!!!!!

That is such a special gift. Its great that you still have it and that it has a use.

I found one of those Lane boxes at the thrift shop this week! It made me very happy! $5 well spent

That box is great and what a thoughtful thing for your brother to do. When it comes to jewelry I do love bracelets but I only wear necklaces if they are long, short ones bother my neck, too.

Oh, what a lovely box! So special!!
I have a little chest of drawers that my dad made in shop class. When we were kids, we used it as our cash register stand when we played store (and someone did their math on the top). Now I use it to hold my printer and paper/office supplies in all of the drawers.

That's a beautiful box! I want to see both of them! (Mom's and the one John made). Lunch date soon! ;-) . If you have some of mom's jewelry still, I'd like to see it again! I've thought of certain pieces often that she wore, and wondered if they were still around, like the green bead bunches with the yellow crescent shapes hanging from them. I have her blue triangular ones with the silver border. (I hate wearing clips, though, so I never wear them.) We need to do a show-and-tell next time we all get together!
Love you!

What a great gift and what a thoughtful brother! Not many necklaces here and rarely a change in the earrings. I do wear bracelets though! :-)

What a lovely box from a loving brother! The finish looks so soft and smooth that I can almost imagine how silky it would feel.

what a treasure chest! and all the better that your brother made it. does he still do woodcrafts? he certainly has an eye for the wood...and the craftmanship!

What a great gift. :)

I used to wear A LOT more jewelry - finally gave up on earrings when I was around grabby babies a lot a few years ago. Pretty much just wear my "everything means everything" pinky ring, a black silicone bracelet, and my Gear Fit these days.

What a beautiful box -- and all the more special because of the love that is built right in! (And . . . lucky Susan!)

That is a beautiful "box." Your brother did a great job, and it's nice that it has had a home with you all these years. I meant to comment on your earlier post about boxes... I would probably have been 3 to 4 years ahead of you graduating from high school, but all female high school graduates could stop by the local furniture store and pick up what I think was the exact same box! Mine is still on my bureau and currently holds a few small important pieces of paper. It is really time to go through it because I'm not sure all those pieces of paper are still important! That's one of the items on my list for when I retire next month.

The craftsmanship of that box is amazing! Kudos to your brother.

That is a beautiful piece that your brother made for you. I had a feeling you would find the right home for your graduation box, and I'm glad that you did!

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

I would love to have a piece like that, filled with trinkets and memories! You have a talented brother :)

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