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A Little Alcohol*

Susan wanted to take an art class and asked (on FB) if anyone would like to join her. I signed up right away, as the art form looked like fun. Painting with alcohol paints has no form, no exactitude, no sketching, no drawing, just, movement of color.  (Just search for "alcohol ink painting" and you'll get the idea.)


Our teacher, Sarinda Jones, gave a demonstration of the medium, shared a few of her techniques, then set us free to work with our own creative juices. The class was a little fast and furious, fun to do, but too short, without much time to play, but, nonetheless, we had a good time. Eileen, Susan, and I want to try it again and we have plans to do just that.



Susan put a lot of thought into her piece, puzzling and planning what to do next. We each created a couple of pieces and had fun with the process. 


In the beginning I had no notion of where I was going or what I was doing and I now know I used too much of the blending solution. It made the colors run together and took away the texture.


After the pieces had time to dry (which doesn't take long) I went back for a second layer of tweaking and liked the results a little better. The class gave me a better idea of the medium, how the colors and elements work, and I look forward to more play time with this art form. 

*No alcohol was imbibed during this event. 


Very cool and something I'd never heard of until now. Now alcohol during the event though? That's just wrong.

That is beautiful; I can see so many things in your piece and the colors are wonderful together!

Gorgeous. Wouldn't that be stunning on silk?

Intriguing! (Yours is frameable.)

Oh, I like how yours turned out! I hadn't heard of this medium before.

That looks just AWESOME! What a great technique! It's so fun and energizing to test your creative "wings" once in a while, isn't it?

That painting is very Margene. You could knit that.

Your completed project is awesome. But you have left a question--maybe imbibingma little alcohol would be a good thing haha!

That looks like fun & I like the results!

Oooh, I like CindyCindy's thought... that would make a gorgeous silk scarf!!
I'm glad you had fun learning something new, and are inspired to explore it further! Can't wait to see what you do.

Thanks for including that incredibly flattering photo of me. My classic resting bitch face. ;)

Looks like you had fun!
And you totally captured Susan. ;^D

what lovely paintings! yours reminds me of a summer landscape. I wonder how different the results would be if y'all had imbibed!

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