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Wednesday's Are For Knitting

Isn't that what Carole's says?

I am slowly knitting Romi's Mystery Shawl and it is every bit as beautiful as I hoped it would be. Vicki's blue-tifully dyed yarn has knit up just as I'd envisioned and the color change we made early on was a good choice. My original colors were too light in contrast, but it was only when I knit a couple of rows of the new second color, I knew it had been the right decision. 


All the clues have been published and their are several finished shawls floating around for you to see (if you wish). The border on the shawl is quite brilliant and I'm excited to see my finished shawl. If only I could knit faster and/or had more time. C'est la vie--it will be when it will be. Now the mystery is when the shawl will be finished. 

This month my book group is reading Mink River by Brian Doyle. I haven't read enough to give you a review, but the humor and writing have captured me. I even read the description of a man's workroom out loud to Smith and he was captivated, too.  The story seems to have a little of everything, including quite a bit of humor, fantastic characters, and little mystery thrown in, too. 

Is there something good on your night stand? 


Those colors are beautiful together and I know your finished shawl will be beautiful also. The best book on my nightstand is about rainbow trout (not sure how that happened), but Mink River sounds like it might be an interesting read. You are such a good book "seller"!

gorgeous knitting, I've knit one of her shawls last year on vacation and it remains one of my favorites, not too heavy, not too big, just right. Love yours :)

I started reading How To Be Both this week and I really like it. I'm still plugging away on the mystery shawl, I have about 8 more rows of clue 4 and then it's on to the last clue.

Too much yarn! Too many books! So little time! You do seem to make the best use of yours (time that is).

The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero, on a Kindle so I can read, lights off, without my glasses. Then I wake up wondering what the heck I'm lying on....... Even though it is excellent, it is taking forever, because I can only read a page or two before I fall asleep. And really I should be finishing up Bad Oyster for the steeking class I'm teaching tonight.

Lovely blues! I'm reading assorted drawing/art journal inspiration books at the moment - nothing too exciting, though.

The shawl is looking lovely, Margene! (Very close in color to mine.) The lace in the last 2 clues is beautiful -- but takes quite a bit of concentration. A bit of a slog, but so worth it -- now that I'm nearing the end. XO

I've been peeking at the FO's and can't wait to see yours join them - love those blue-tiful colors! The Right Attitude to Rain (by Alexander McCall Smith - a reread from early 2008) is on my nightstand; I'm enjoying it just as much as I did five years ago...which is saying a lot!

Love your shawl colors! I'm on Row 14 of Clue 4. Plugging away here too. :~)

Those colors are beautiful! I think our projects will turn out well....lower contrast looks great.

Still trying to make it through Life After Life. I will do it but it's taking me some time! The shawl looks wonderful Margene!

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