Wednesday's Are For Knitting
Wet Weekend


Sadly I have had little time to sew on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt. The bag with the T-shirt pieces, the beads, needles, and all other needed accoutrement, sits beside my chair in a neglected state. My evening hours have been taken up with other activities and any leisure time has been taken by reading and/or knitting. There is the Mystery shawl to solve, as you know.


But, Saturday, while running errands, I stopped by a big office supply store and picked up a few helpful organizational tools. Vicki gave me a tip on some cool boxes she found to hold the eleventy-gazillion beads that come in an Alabama Chanin packet.  

All my beads, all my needles, all of my thread bobbins, the AC notebook, plus all the other supplies needed to work on a project, are now kept together in a storage box and the beads are safely stowed inside clear tiny boxes. Now to find more time!


Having organized supplies makes our crafting time much more efficient. I hope you can find the time you want for working on this!

Oh, please share the details on these boxes! I love little organizational things like that.

Great idea! Hope you can carve a bit of time to work on it.

If you ever outgrow the current boxes, tackle boxes also work quite well. Good luck with both the knitting and the sewing.

Somehow, organizing a project makes it at least seem more doable. Over the years , i have wasted too much time looking for a ost component of a project--I've given up that practice, thank goodness!

If only we could simply pick up some of that most precious commodity, time, when we're doing errands!

let me know if you find that magic place where "more time" exists!! (being organized does help, but it doesn't solve the whole problem!)

Oh, you found some!! I went back for a few more the other day... good to have a spare or two. ;)

I am plugging away at exactly the same things, at about the same pace. Good thing I have no one to answer to except myself.

Oh! I have some of those little boxes for office supplies. I'm going to have to remember them for bead-organizing. (Because my next AC project will have beads.)

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