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Little Nothings

During my lifetime I've spent many hours learning various crafts and arts. I've learned at the "feet", so to speak, of many masters of any given art and had an extraordinary time doing so. For a few years I was able to afford travel to wherever it was the master might be teaching. I've been from coast to coast and border to border in the pursuit of my "art" du jour.


For several years I studied counted thread embroidery, which is not only cross stitch, but many other techniques, usually stitched on high count fabric. I believe this piece was stitched on linen with 34 threads per inch. I loved every aspect of counted thread, from the history (it goes back centuries and leaps continents), to the techniques, to the threads, and the classes. I traveled from Plymouth, MA to San Diego, from Washington State to New Orleans. It was a grand romp.


This little scissors holder is about 4" long, not including the tassel. The stitches used were cross stitch over two threads, cross stitch over 1 thread, buillon stitch, back stitch, buttonhole, eyelet, and four-sided stitch. The four-sided stitch made it possible to sew this little scissor case together with the green ribbon. The cap of the acorn slides up to reveal tiny scissors tucked inside and, when the cap is replaced, the button slides down to hold the top in place.


I made many such delicacies, tiny etuis, huswufs, sewing boxes, reticules, and needle holders. I promise to share more of my "little nothings" as we called them, in the future. 


Delightful work! I look forward to seeing more posts on your "little nothings".

That's a beautiful little piece! I wish you'd travel to Plymouth again. Hint, hint.

I admire samplers, but am really drawn to pieces that are practical yet exquisitely beautiful, as your scissors case certainly is. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your "little nothings" (which are clearly not nothing)!

Simply beautiful work of art!

Your acorn scissors keep is beautiful! I used to do a lot of counted thread embroidery and enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoy knitting!

How pretty! And practical too - can't beat that combination. Bring 'em on - I love to see all the beautiful things you've made.

Oh thank you!! I am definitely looking forward to more in this series. ;)

I think I've always been drawn to/through the historic aspect of making and craft... who made them, why, where, and when. And that items made for purely practical, mundane, and necessary purpose were sometimes made so beautiful, personalized, and special by the maker. Now as then.

Lovely! And just so special. Looking forward to more little nothings!

oh so lovely - i can't wait to see more

I need a scissors keep. Your work is perfection

Huswuf! Etui! (not related to *pitui* I assume?) New words!

My sister had a counted thread store a few years back--she would have had you teaching a class there if she'd seen your exquisite work!

Your "little nothings" are so awesome, Margene. (I'm lucky enough to have my own Margene-little-nothing right here with me at my desk!!!) Your work is exquisite -- and your stories are amazing. XO

In the past, I did a lot of "fine" work like that, but I don't think my eyes are up to it anymore. Oh, the vissicitudes of aging! I am sure my work did not rival yours, but I enjoyed it very much. I would love to see more of these on your blog.

Beautiful! I too look forward to see more of your little somethings!

That is amazing. :)

what a beautiful piece - I'm in awe of all those tiny tiny stitches!

I look forward to seeing all of the "Little Nothings" as enjoyed the parade of needlepoint Santa Clauses over the years. I hope you kept all of those.

wow- these are so delicate and pretty. I could never do that much tiny precise work!

I love looking at your handwork. This particular one is so very fine. You must treasure it!

Your little nothings are a really big deal, lovely work, Margene, oh for the days of Legacy, I haven't crossed a stitch in years.

before knitting that was my craft! I have lots of pictures in my house that I've stitched and it takes me back to what I was thinking and doing at the time. Then knitting took over my life :) Lovely work and so delicate!!

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