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Another Wet Weekend

All weekend clouds rolled in and out, bringing copious amounts of rain. Micro climates ruled, but at times, the storms came and stayed, drenching us all at the same time. Spring has been wet, wet, wet,  and that's the best thing to happen, although I am a little tired of the days of gray. 

17040285823_f39f07e78c_oMy weekend was spend in one mad, delightful dash to another delightful dash. I had a great time with friends and even a few minutes here and there with Smith, but at no time did I think to lift my camera.  You'll just have to trust I had a great weekend.

I went to a trunk show of Anzula yarn and drooled over many a skein,  but came away yarn free. I spent time with friends, knitting friends, girlfriends, and because one of my friends had to cancel, I had a surprise dinner with Smith. 

I was able to spend time knitting and I have ONE row left on my Romi's Mystery shawl. I can't wait to show it to you. It's just lovely!

My weekend was full of good things, fun times, and delicious food at every turn. I feel fortunate to have so much love around me.  Gray days cannot take away joy.


Perfect!! I love that last sentence.

I'm sure you'll soon see sunshine & blue skies... pictures of your beautiful landscape are beautiful no matter the weather. ;)

I'm glad you made the most of your weekend. We had abundant sunshine yesterday and I'm so grateful for that!

Rain . . . so refreshing -- especially when you really need it! So glad you had a lovely weekend. (Can't wait to see your mystery shawl!!!) (And, like Vicki, I love your last sentiment. It's a perfect way to move through life.) XO

We have some sunshine today! Yay! My knees are happy.
The clouds were pretty awesome yesterday, though.

Im so weary of cloudy and cold. I am thrilled you made the most of yours.
Ours was sunny and warm finally. Tomorrow we get into the 50s again.
I'll knit in any weather so that's not an issue.

Moisture and rain are good, and I'm so glad that gray can't quash your joy!

I have one row left too! These last few rows are just taking FOREVER.

Very exciting about the shawl! It was another wet weekend here, too. *sigh* And now it's 44F!

Congratulations on the (almost!!!) finished shawl...and on finding all the bright spots in a gray, dreary landscape!

I enjoyed your weekend...and I wasn't even there! It continues to be wet, wet, wet here! Guessing you're the same!

as long as there is knitting, there is joy! Sorry about the rain but glad about the shawl!!

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