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Delving Into Mystery

As of late, Vicki has been my hero. She not only helped me (inspired me, really) to change my banner, but  also dyed the yarn for my next project, Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015. I was thinking of the sea and sky and Vicki captured my vision perfectly. Since the project is a mystery, I'm cannot be sure what's in store and I'm curious to see how the colors work throughout.


You may or may not remember I started a sweater, but I've been dawdling and only work on it while at SnB. In fact, I haven't done much in the way of knitting or sewing, it's mostly been reading when I have any leisurely time. I've been waiting for this shawl in lieu of starting anything new and tomorrow it begins. 


But, I have reach the point where I'm cutting the petals of the design on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt and I'm hoping to try beading and sequining this weekend. Even if I stitched this project non-stop it would be a month of Sundays before it was finish.

This is the proof I do my crafting for the process, not the finished project. I love every stitch I put into my knitting and sewing, and if I didn't it would all be for not. Enjoy the process, my friends!


The process is really the only important thing. None of us really need another sweater or shawl. Although its nice to look forward to the end product, without enjoying every stitch there isn't much point to crafting.

I love your mystery shawl colors.

Just a comment on the banner. On the left side, the black block that says Home, Archives, etc. covers half of the first picture in the banner and also the title of the day's blog. Is that the way it's suppose to be or my computer settings?

Process process process. :)

That yarn is gorgeous!

I've been reading more than knitting, too. It's all good and the key is to do what you feel inspired to do in the moment!

I can't wait to see your tee shirt! I'm glad you have not lost sight of the process; life is made up of enjoying the process whenever we can! And now you have the mystery shawl to intrigue you. Life is full of intrigue when you enjoy the present.

Sometimes I feel like the process is stalling so thank-you for that reminder that I'm doing it for the enjoyment! And on that note...also getting more reading in and thoroughly enjoyed Plainsong which I believe is one of your favorites!

Thanks for your lovely reminder of the importance of process. There are too many times that I despair about how slowly I knit or how much more I'd like to read. Time to enjoy the process!

I'm in--process rules! Like you, reading has captured my free time of late! Oh well, the knitting will resume soon!

As long as you're enjoying the process, who cares how long it takes?

Yes on the black box on the left, I have it too.

I am really looking forward to starting the mystery shawl. Mine will be in shades of blue, too. I think that the cold, gloom of this past winter has me craving blue . . . skies, water, flowers . . . so I couldn't resist the blue! As for process -- that's what's it's all about for me, too. Each project is an adventure! XO

Every one of my unfinished projects and works-in-progress -- and there are many -- is a testament to my love for process over product!! ;)

I just wound my yarn choices for Romi's 2015 Mystery Shawl! I can't wait for tomorrow. I almost went blues but, alas, it will be for only half.

And you are much too kind.

(Re: The folks having problems with the banner, I suspect it's computer settings and/or the way the "responsive" design shows on your monitor or perhaps the browser that is being used. For instance, I've seen no black box on any of my displays -- phone, various monitors -- and the menu items appear to the right in a gray bar, and nothing is overlapping!)

love the blue (skies) in that yarn! I'm finding myself embracing process more these days. I'm not sure why...except maybe I'm just being present in the moment?

I think I'm a little of both, a process and project knitter. I love the knitting and I love the finished project! That yarn is gorgeous :)

So excited to be knitting along again! Love your picks and I love Vicki's yarn!!

I have also been reading more than knitting lately. I'm enjoying it, too.

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