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Another week with lack of blog posts cannot and shall not be. I am here, still trying to keep all the balls in the air. The office seems to be a place of urgencies, which leaves me ready to collapse at the end of the day. However, there is always something going on in the evenings and collapsing is not on the agenda.

Why oh why, is it I cannot pick up my phone and snap and picture?? This lack of thinking is why I haven't joined something like 365 (and no--it would not spur me on).  I am going to try my best to see if I can create something from "nothing". 


This is how I personalize my work space. The tray under one of my computer monitors holds a few oddments; washi tape (which I have never used but have/had intentions of doing so), a sand dollar from Whidbey Island, WA, and a schedule of pay-dates (very important dates to know). The assortment of "sign here" stickies are used on occasion, but always at the ready.


On the wall of my desk is a sticky note from Smith, which he long ago tucked into my lunch box.  When I happen to glance up and see it I take it as a bit of encouragement to get through the day. Not only do I use a boatload of sticky notes in the office, they are our #1 mode of communication when we're passing in the night.  The tea mug I bought at my favorite tea shop sits atop a coaster that was a gift from Vicki and it reminds me of all my faraway friends who are there silently sending encouragement, too. 

Aprils end

One of my favorite things on the desk is a beautiful calendar by which I watch the days pass.  Each monthly scenes is peaceful and season specific. I love turning the page on a new month and seeing a new beautiful landscape (soon!).

My work day is full of paperwork and staring at a computer screen (or two), but having a few dear things near me gives me a feeling of home.  I may as well make my space my own. 


I love that you shared your work space with us! I keep mine personalized, too, and I have a bit more space since I have an office at the library and also an office at the COA. Artwork, photos, little knick knacks, they all make me smile. Did you know Dale's brother lives on Whidbey Island?

I've got pictures of Dan, old and new, and Doug. A Springer Spaniel mug, and few other treasures hanging around too. :-) It certainly helps doesn't it!

Your workspace is alot better organized than mine is. I hope you are having a great day!

I love seeing your workspace ... all the bits and pieces that truly make it "yours". (also that washi tape is fabulous - you must use it!)

I like how the sand dollar, tea mug, beautiful calendar, and your other personal touches help to balance the urgencies. Thank you for sharing your work space.

Thank you for sharing your work space. My husband and I have our own business, so our work space really is "ours" and I feel very fortunate about that. We have nice furniture and the artwork is of our choosing. My favorite piece of artwork is a 1904 painting by an esteemed German artist, of a craggy old seaman. While that would not normally be my favorite type of painting, the model for the painting was my great grandfather and it took about 100 years for the painting to come into our family. When my parents downsized, they gave the painting to me and I hung it in my office, where not only I, but others, get to enjoy it every day. It's fun to be able to tell people about it.

Oh, so telling, the personal content of a work space! When I still worked outside my home, I had quite an eclectic assortment of things around my computer. Your objects scream - "Margene"! I could have picked out this space as yours. It is grounding and lovely.

I have a coaster from the same series of sheepish coasters. They're such fun! Thanks for the peek into your space.

I hope that the dust settles soon and you can have some more relaxing time. Love the love note :)

Only a picture of my pup graces my desk, and I save my sticky notes like you do. Happy Hump Day!

Thanks for sharing - I love seeing what other people have in their offices! Mine's kind of cluttery... Lots of sticky notes and notebooks. One particularly oddment is a bottle of water shaped like a flask - the brand is "Fred". WHY. Just, WHY?

Oh, I have the blogging blahs... but this made me happy! Making something from nothing is a good mindset to have, and it usually works!!

A desk that feels like "home" is a very good thing! I love to surround myself with personal tchotchkes. (I think they make me work better. . . )

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