Winter Delight

In the Pink

CrabappleIs it possible to get sick of seeing spring flowers, pretty pink blossoms, or for that matter, any flowering plant?

This week I'm trying to keep many balls in the air, and sadly, I'm not a very good juggler. When I have a few minutes I head out into nature, either Red Butte Garden, or into our own little garden where the garlic and peas seem to be doing well. 

The other thing that helped me disappear was a book (I just finished it last night), The World Before Us, where the ghosts held me fast. Beautifully written, part ghost story, part mystery, and certainly a story of searching--searching for answers, searching for memories, and searching for self. This is a book I recommend, as it captivated me, although I have a hard time saying exactly what it was that hooked me. Perhaps, it was just the all of it. 


There has been a bit of knitting, a little beading (which I'm totally in love with) and, well, as I said, a whole lot of balls to be kept in the air. When I learn to be a better juggler, I'll be back. 


Oh that beading is gorgeous. Good luck with the juggling.

I'm not sick of your spring flowers so thanks for sharing. Your beading is stunning - so rich and lavish!

good luck with your juggling, we will be here when you take a break. Lovely pinkness in the photos!!

I never get tired of flowers, even if we have them year round here. :D I have to keep telling myself that I will not fall down the A.C. Hole. Your work is beautiful.

It seems you are doing pretty well with your juggling, even if it is a struggle. Lots of things going on, and you still manage to bead and knit? Success! Thanks for the book recommendation. I am reading Descent (I like it), The Orphan Master's Son (bit of a slog), and looking for my next book. I will have to check this one out. May you remember to continue to enjoy the flowers during your juggle!

You sound busy but good. Enjoy the spring and the few moments of quiet you can grab.

Hope things slow down for you a bit. The beading should help with de-stressing.

Thanks for taking time to visit us amid all the juggling! The hardest part of juggling for me is establishing reasonable routines, not too rigid but promoting a bit more discipline ( guessing youndon't need this one).

OH, THE BEADING!!! Margene, that is SOOOO GORGEOUS!!

I'm a jugglin' over here, too! ;)

I'm juggling the knitting, the reading (Life After Life) and the Dad. ;-) Don't worry I never drop the Dad ball. That beading is just beautiful Margene!

The beading, Margene! It is wonderful! As soon as I saw your five-star rating of The World Before Us, I put it right up to the top of my to-read list. Cannot wait to dive in. And, no . . . it is never possible to be sick of seeing spring blooms. They are wonderful All The Time! Good luck with your juggling. . .

Lovely flowers! Here's hoping you keep all those balls in the air...

ooohhh beads and sequins. LOVE!! (and nope, never tired of blooms, especially this time of year). and if it helps, I find the key to successful juggling is making good decisions about which balls you drop ;-)

I was telling my husband the other day that I want one of these "pink" trees in our yard!
That beading - oh WOW!!

Linda in VA

I hope things calm soon for you so you can juggle less and enjoy more! xoxo

Blossoms! Must have more blossoms!

That beading is amazing! You are so good, can't wait to see more.

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