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Saturday was cold, somewhat wet but Smith and I made the best of the day by spending leisurely time together. It was a weekend of no obligations, the kind of weekend you need to recover and regroup before another week at work.

Walk in the Park

Overnight Sunday we had what counts for snow around here, which amounts to a skiff on the lawn. It was chilly in the early hours, but by 10:00 the sky was a mixed of clouds and bright blue sky, nice enough to take a walk around the park.

Saturday I was able to block what had turned out to be the endless shawl. I was so into the process and ease of garter stitch I just kept knitting on my Duane Park Triangle. Finally, I realized I needed to count stitches and figure out where I was in the pattern. Thank goodness I had plenty of yarn because, without intention, I ended up knitting a large. 


The lace border was easy and the edging quick, and by then, I was so happy she was off my needles. The yarn, The Woolen Rabbit Lark, is soft and light as air, but I've had the yarn so long, I think Kim no longer has it in the line up. The only way to get a picture was to take a sun-washed selfie.

TaDa! I have a finished object to share! How long has it been since something finished has shown up around here? FOREVER! 


Simply lovely! I wore my Duane Park Triangle yesterday for the first time. Although I finished it a while back, your picture reminds me of knitting (and blocking) the edging. Happy times!

so lovely!! I like that you unintentionally knit the large, how did that happen? More to be wrapped up in :)

That is so pretty, the colors are different for you, too, which is great. Glad you and Smith had some nice, relaxing time together.

Great story and lovely pic! I'm sure you are ahead of me in the finishing game.

You take the best pictures!
The shawl is gorgeous and a perfect color for you!

Your shawl looks really lovely and warm. It must have been enjoyable knitting with wonderful yarn to unintentionally knit a large!

Lovely. It must have been soothing knitting for you.

I think it's great that you made a large, even if it was unintentional. It suits you well.


Oh, Margene! It's GORGEOUS! I can feel that light, soft yarn right through my computer screen (well. . . almost. . . ) You'll never regret having in extra-large. . . So glad you had a nice and relaxing weekend. XO

It is lovely!! And no wonder it felt neverending! :D

It's very pretty! I like that shawl and it may turn out to be a happy accident it's a large. It may still get cold...maybe...

I'm not sure I have ever had a shawl that was too large, and I think you will enjoy the size. It's beautiful. Who cares how many finished objects appear here? That is unimportant, isn't it? Aren't you the one who says it's the process?

What a beautiful piece Margene! The colors are spectacular. You will treasure it forever, I'm sure.

gorgeous! (all around :-) and woo hoo!! for having a finished piece to share. I'm looking forward to Kirsten's next mystery shawl. They're always fun to knit and beautiful to wear.

Lovely shawl! I love the colors!

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