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At The End of The Rainbow

Carole asked us to spill the beans on what we'd do if we found a pot of gold. 


1. Smith and I would retire.

2. We'd fix up our old condo with new carpet and furniture. 

3. I'd buy a new car. 

4. I'd make sure Smith bought a new car, too. 

5. We'd travel to visit family and friends we rarely have a chance to see. 

6. We'd spend a month in Italy, the one place I've always wanted to visit, and we might think of another place or two we'd like to visit. 

7. I'd give a lot of money to my favorite charities. A LOT of money.

8. We'd go to New York, because I've never been to NYC and we'd visit friends and family all over New England.

9. I'd have a great big dinner party and have a bunch of friends over for lobster and crab, and steak, if they want it.

10. I'd buy Smith a tractor.


I love your list! Practical and fun and perfectly YOU!

You've made a great list, with a wonderful combination of generosity, practicality, and fun. Here's hoping Smith gets his tractor some day!

A big party that would be a fun way to spend the money. Visiting NYC-that is one of my most favorite places to go. Such an exciting city.

I will meet you over in Italy Margene! What a great list :-)

Oh, a tractor for Smith!! Perfect. ;)

Love the dinner party idea.

Love it! I'd buy Doug a tractor too now that you mention it!

First, happy belated birthday!

That was one big pot of gold!

Perfect plans! I hope you find that pot of gold so you can do all those things.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The dinner party sounds fabulous!

I like your list. I want to revise mine, now.

you are spending that pot of gold in all of the right places !!

What a delightful list, Margene! I totally love the tractor plan . . . XO

And such an accessible list! That is wonderful.

Now I want a tractor.

yay for the Smith's tractor! and for all the other wishes. I hope we all find that pot of gold! xo.

That's a great list. You could even spend TWO months in Italy. :D

Great list. I wouldn't tell anyone though....
but I would have that lobster /steak party! catered!

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