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Living without cheese is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I gave up gluten happily and I've given up a few other foods, too. But...cheese, dear cheese, how I do miss you!

Carole asked us to pick our Ten Favorite Cheeses, which lead me to spend an hour and half feeling sorry for myself, but I decided to give in and list a few of the cheeses I miss most.  (PS.I have no cheese in the house for a picture.)

1. Some of my very favorite cheeses are from a local company called Beehive Cheese. Their signature cheese Barely Buzzed has won a ton of awards. I also adore their TeaHive.

2. Baked brie or Camembert with sprigs of rosemary and gloves of garlic. This is Monica served this on Christmas Day as an appetizer and it was a hit.

3. Good ol' English Farmhouse cheddar.

4. Any cheese from Wisconsin. (I had to throw that in for Vicki.)

5. Goat cheese covered with  (Massachusetts) cranberries. (I had to throw that in for Carole.)

6. Stilton with lemon peel. So, good with wine.

7. Parmigiano-Reggiano (I can still eat small amounts with a lactaid.)

8. Feta cheese in a Greece salad. (Sheep's feta with a lactaid is also ok.)

Don't feel sad for me. There are many wonderful foods available to me and I eat a wide variety of things. I'm just a pain for other people to feed, not for myself.


Sorry about the topic! I sure didn't mean to make you sad. I remember that Barely Buzzard cheese from the Alta retreat and it was fantastic.

Wisconsin Cheese! I recall being surprised to stumble upon their booth at NY Sheep & Wool! One of my favorite things right now to pair with something like goat cheese or brie is cherry preserves... which is also Something From Wisconsin!

Love your attitude, Margene. xo

I wish I could give you my taste for cheese - I am not a fan, except for mozzarella. I'm glad there are a few that you can still tolerate with lactaid.

you are not a pain to feed - and i gladly accept the challenge

Ouch....I'm not sure if I could give up cheese, but my waistline would be better served if I did.

Now I am off to visit one of your favorite cheeses and I bet you know which one. ;-)

Cheese would be a hard food to give up. But I completely understand your approach to this: with all the choices in the world still available to you, there isn't a reason to feel badly for very long.

It would be challenging to feed you. I hope these dietary restrictions have been helpful for you.

Not that I've participated lately, but I saw the topic and said "nope!" Newly vegan, the only "cheese" I do is soy. That's so not cheese by any stretch of the imagination, and since soy and I have disagreements regularly, I don't even do that all that often. Yes it's hard for people to feed me, too!

For those who are interested in Beehive Cheese, I can sometimes find them at Whole Foods elsewhere in the country.

No gluten or cheese for me either. You have a good attitude - there's still a bounty of great food options! People get a little mystified over dietary restrictions, but it's worth a little sacrifice to address health concerns. I miss cheese too though!

I adore cheese, though have pared down on it's consumption greatly recently to try to shed pounds off my frame. I have had the Beehive cheese here in MA! My local grocery carries it. It's all it's cracked up / " buzzed" to be. :-). I do love your attitude to it all and glad you have found a few you can still enjoy and that work for you.

I have a love hate relationship with cheese. I like hard cheeses but too much and my body complains. Haven't given up gluten and that would be difficult for me as well.

living without cheese is so much healthier! we typically have just a wedge of pecorino romano in our fridge (for salads). but it's still one of my favorite foods!

This was a great list and now I'm going to be in search of Beehive cheese! Thanks Margene!

I had a bout of new allergy reactions a few years ago. My mom suggested I consider eliminating dairy to see if that was it. My response? Nope. No need. I'm not giving it up, so unless it becomes much worse, not gonna happen. As it turns out, it was extreme heat that was giving me the hives. But I do feel for you.

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