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Birthday Weekending

What's Happening Now

Watching ...House of Cards. I losing interest in Frank and his wife and would rather watch the last episode of Downton....hopefully tonight.

Reading ...The Heart is A Lonely Hunter, I was hooked after reading the first page. I haven't decided on my next audio book.


Knitting ...I'm having a bit of a redux, as I bought a lovely kit of Zen Yarn Garden in the Monument Valley Series. What else would I do with three complimentary colors, except reknit my favorite shawl, Germinate

Dreading ....I'm trying to not dial up the anxiety level, so I dread not.

Listening to... Jazz on the NPR website because they no longer podcast the shows. This does not make me happy, NPR!

Thinking about ...completely redoing the look of my blog. But, if the red umbrella goes, it won't come back and that stops me in my tracks.

Celebrating week, my birthday.

Planning outdoors in the extra light of day. Hurray for DST!


Itching to ...finish outlining of the petals on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt and start to cut (and bead). 

Drinking ...The last of my Royal Golden Safari tea from TeaZaanti. I need to find a new favorite and Hong Shui or Gin Shan Creme are running neck and neck.

Needing to ...try out some of the crafting materials I purchased. Needing to carve out the time to do.

Organizing ...I still haven't tackled the pantry (after months and months of wanting to do so).

Inspired by ...Beverly and Maryse who have been sharing their artwork on Instagram. And, by Kym who is sharing her artistic pursuits on her blog.

Delighted by ...The snow! Any precipitation that comes to the very dry West is welcome, although, spring is returning this weekend.


I LOVE the colors you chose for this Germinate and will look forward to admiring its beauty as it grows. All of those teas sound interesting and I may have to search them out, as soon as I finish browsing the Zen Yarn Garden site!

That is going to be a gorgeous Germinate!!! :-)
While I enjoy House of Cards, I find it a bit tedious. (But then... I find most television tedious.).
Your AC T-shirt is wonderful! You're inspiring me to get crackin' on my own.

happy birthday next week my friend!!!

Agreeing with you, House of Cards deteriorated badly!

Lovely looking start of the new shawl.

We haven't watched House of Cards but I'm hearing a lot of chatter about it so perhaps we should start. If you're delighted by snow then you should be HERE! It's snowing again.

I've heard that HoC starts slowly this season, but builds up. Have only seen the first two episodes so far.

You've got some great projects going!

A new Germinate! That is awesome and exciting.

Oooh, Germinate will be fun to watch as it... germinates and grows!! ;)

I need to get a few chores knocked off my list and am motivated by the need to SEW!! There is an Alabama Chanin backlog happening over here. Ha.

Happy you've seen a bit of snow! The weather this winter seems to have been so extreme in all directions nationally. My Dan is down in Orangeville this weekend - Joe's Valley.

Happy birthday in advance! :)

Younare a busy girl! I am conflicted between knowing we need more moisture and wanting the end of winter!

Your crafting is always inspiring! the knitting and stitching are beautiful - color. texture. love!

friends are headed your way this weekend to ski - praying (yet again!) to the snow gods for a good show. it's their last "spring break" (younger son is graduating college in May); I hope Salt Lake shows them a great time...and that you get a bit more snow :-)

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