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Birthday Weekending


Have you ever heard of a glyptodon? Well, I hadn't either, but it's a very mega relative of the mammal we call the armadillo. Smith and I went to the Natural History Museum and visited the Extreme Mammal exhibit and, let me assure you, it will bring out your internal kid. I wan't even sure it was possible for me to curl up that small, but I did! Not bad for a 65 year old, eh? 


You may remember Saturday was the Pi Day of the Century. Thanks to my sister, Neena, I have the T-shirt to prove it. What you may not know, is it was also my birthday! I had a wonderful weekend with a whole boatful of love coming my way. I feel very grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life--my friends and family, who make me feel nourished, loved, and full of joy. I open my heart and hope to pass on the love and joy to others. 


You look absolutely fabulous and you are rocking that t-shirt! I hope you had a great weekend and a smashing birthday!

Your birthday, extreme mammals, and pi makes for a very special weekend! Wishing you a very happy and healthy year ahead, full of love and happiness!

happy birthday, happy pi day and you share a birthday with my nephew! Cool shirt!! And you look beautiful!

Happy Birthday. Do you know where your sister got the tee shirt? My husband would love one in a different color.

Happy belated Birthday!!

I love your pictures here today. So joyful!

Belated Happy Birthday! You DO NOT look 65 - keep up the good work. :)

I love that shirt and you look FANTASTIC!!

You look wonderful Margene! I'm glad you had such a great birthday!

So glad you had a wonderful birthday, Margene. Wishing you many more!

Belated Happy Birthday! Glad it was a wonderful w/e for you!

Belated happy birthday wishes to you! It looks like you made an awesome day of it -- I love that picture of you in the shell!

What great, GREAT fun for your birthday!!!! Sounds like it was . . . a pie-in-the-sky kind of day! XOXO

I'm so glad you had a FUN birthday weekend!!

So glad that you and Smith got to go out and have some FUN!

Happy, happy birthday!

What fun! and that HOT PINK t-shirt rocks! especially because it commemorates a big birthday for you. best wishes and hugs, my friend, M.

Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend! Wonderful photos.

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