In Which We Have Spring
We Are 11!

Time to Love

Sunrise 2-9-15

I love seeing a brilliant sunrise. This is the view from my back door and I am lucky enough to leave the house at just the right time to see so many amazing sunrises. I love my view!

I love my new furnace, as it works so much better than the 44 year old beast we had. I also love that the old beast lasted 44 years. 


I love being on the homestretch of finishing my long time knitting companion, Duane Park Triangle

I love having clean teeth and an "all clear for the next 6 months" report from my dentist. 

I love knowing next Monday is a day off! That alone will get me through the next week. 

I love sending mail and getting mail. It is the Month of Letters and I have been writing to friends and family, sending at least one letter a day. This is Valentine's week and I am looking forward to sending a few hearts in the mail, too. 


I love being a member of Postcrossing and sending postcards to all corners of the globe. Yesterday I received three!  One from China and two from Russia!

I love the SnB girls and I am working on a post to share the wonderful projects we knit for our 11th anniversary. 

I love hanging out with Smith, which I will do all weekend! I can't remember the last time we had both weekend days together. We're SO looking forward to it and, as you know, Saturday is Valentine's Day, which makes it all the better!

I love that you still read my blog! I feel honored that anyone would be reading my blog after all these years. Thank you!

Carole asked us to start 10 sentence with I love. So, tell me, what do you love? 


I love that you share so many wonderful and beautiful things with us through your writing and excellent photos!

I love YOU! Great post today, Margene!

I love that you are still here, too!

I'm trying not to be jealous of your long weekend...

Right now, I'm loving my soy mocha made with dark chocolate almond milk. :)

D'oh, it's hardly soy if it's made with almond milk, Chris! :D

you are so sweet! The postcard exchange looks like fun. You did get your money's worth out of the old furnace! Well done. I love that you love so many things :)

I love the sunrise picture! I'm totally amazed at the yellow/orange color. Stunning!

I love your voice shining through the computer. OK, a mixed up metaphor...

I love that i call you my friend, and i love that you continue to brighten our days with these posts…oh and I LOVE that book, Girl on a Train

I love your blog! Thank you for sharing with us. And I do love that sunrise. That is a splendid view!

So many fabulous things to love.
And yes - still reading (albeit sometimes sporadically) for the last ten or 12 years I think

I love your posts, thoughts, photos and all you share here with us. I love to call you friend.

I love your sky photos whether it's sunrise, sunset or any time in between!

Oh, dentist! I never would have thought of that, but it's brilliant! I got a text from my dentist yesterday announcing that they were closed due to the blizzard, and I was a bit ruffled because I didn't realize I had an appointment. I felt robbed of the excitement of going to the dentist. Then I realized it was a general text sent to all clients and I had missed nothing.

I love the quirky aspect of your post...hummm, maybe not so quirky...the dentist is a good person, but in small doses.

I love your list. I am not as big a fan of sunrises as I am sunsets. I don't like to get up early. But I love the picture!

I love your blog and your view!

I love reading your blog. And those wonderful photos, showing me how other parts of our great country look. Also, photos of your knitting, opening a world of different designs and yarn choices. Thanks you, Margene!

Glad you finally got a bunch of postcards!

I love that you are still blogging and sharing your sky with the world, and I love your knitting, and I love that Spring is starting here in the Deep South. Japanese Magnolias are blooming first, and there is pine pollen on the cars already.

I love that you blog, which gives me a window into your world - such amazing skies - is it that your skies are that much more beautiful or are you just that good at capturing them? - I think it is probably a combination of the two! Thank you!

I love your wonderful list - and everything on it! XO

...and I love you!! xoxo!!

I love your list...and the photos, especially your sunrise view...and reading a post from you is always a bright spot in my day!


I love you!!

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