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Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to Right Now!

1. Smith's birthday celebration today! He's deciding where he'd like to go for his special dinner. 


2. Just for fun, I took Carla Sonheim's Crazy Birds tutorial and signed up the Junk Mail Artist Book class and I'm looking forward to giving that pesky junk mail a reason to be.

TIny Iris

3. I'm looking forward to another week of above normal temperatures before winter tries to subvert the high that's kept it at bay. The weekend temperatures are headed to the "below normal range", but since normal is 43, and they're predicting 42, this isn't much of a threat. However, we are used to living in paradise. 

4. Looking forward to the end of the book I'm reading. It's for my book group, otherwise, I bother to wouldn't finish it. 

5. We've decided to paint our bedroom, or you could say, I've decided the color I want on my bedroom wall. Smith is now painting our bedside tables in a complimentary color and the walls will come next. I'm looking forward to having it finished and the work hasn't even started. 

6. I'm looking forward to finishing the Duane Park Triangle, but seriously...did you think it would take me this long? I truly thought I'd be finished by now. It will be another week or so. 

7. I'm looking forward to the weekend. After a long weekend, I don't want to return to work. I like my job, it's just that I like weekends better. 

8. On the said weekend, I should have time to work on my Alabama Chanin project and finish sewing the front. I have a beading extravaganza in mind as embellishment. 


9. I'm looking forward to snow? I would love to see a foot of snow on the ground. It isn't just that we need the water, snow would help me remember and understand the date. It is mid-February after all. See how little snow and how dry the brush is? We need winter to return. 

10. I'm looking forward to DST. I like it. You're entitled to your opinion. That's mine. 

What are you looking forward to now? 


Happy Birthday to Smith! Now I'm looking forward to trying the Crazy Bird tutorial when I'm done shoveling. I'm also looking forward to you (and much of the west) getting some very much-needed snow.

Happy birthday to Smith! I am looking forward to the prospect of seeing you. PM.

Happy Birthday excellent week to be born! ;-) That range is beautiful, but I do wish you some snow very soon.

Happy Birthday to Smith! You need snow? Oh we have lots to share up here in New England. And we would be glad to give it to you. Wonderful list!

Happy Birthday to Smith!

Weren't the iris at Red Butte lovely?

Happy Birthday to Smith. Hope you both have a lovely dinner date!

Happy Birthday, dear Smith! I know you will choose well for your birthday dinner. Lots of other good things on your list, too. Your landscape looks far different from mine.

So many of us wishing we could send you some snow! I would happily trade places with you today, weather-wise. I am just waiting for this week to be over, hoping to enjoy things in the present while I wait. It's miserable here! Happy Birthday to Smith! I hope you both have a wonderful dinner.

Happy Birthday to Smith!!

It's cold here, and I'd really like a bit more snow, too, before it's all said and done.

Hope you get your snow! Sure if some in the NE could, they would happily share theirs…
Enjoy the birthday celebration.


Yours is the first blog where someone was looking forward to snow:) Love the pictures you shared. Have a great week

I really wish we could package up the snow in Massachusetts and ship it west, I know both you and Greta keep saying how dry it is, we have way too much for comfort....

Happy Birthday to your Smith....hope its joyful

Happy Birthday, Smith!

I also like DST, but in it's proper place the first Sunday in APRIL. They've moved it so early in the year now it messes with my SAD just as I'm starting to come around. I need that early morning light. Not that TPTB care what any of us need. (And that last cranky bit pretty much proves I am ready for early morning light. LOL)

I would love to swap weather with you for a couple of days. :-) I promise to give yours back.

Belated happy birthday to Smith!

Besides DST, I'm looking forward to temperatures above zero. It's -9F right now with a -28F windchill. :(

Happy (belated by now!) birthday wishes to Smith!!!

You've got some really exciting things on your list, Margene. I'm really curious about the colors you chose for your bedroom project . . .

Lots to look forward to - especially Happy Birthday to Smith! (And if you get some snow, save a little to send to us. Ugh! I don't think I can take another crazy fire season.)

happy birthday!!! I still look forward to snow even though we have plenty :) Hope you see some soon.

Spring and longer days :) Your irises are very pretty.

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