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No Idea

The Ten on Tuesday topic gave me a belly laugh. What? 10 Time Periods You Would Visit If You Had a Hot Tub Time Machine! I have no idea what Carole is talking about, but I'm sure there will be some great posts today. 


 1. I'm wondering if I would I like living in the time of Edith Wharton? (Thank you, Kym, I love this sticker so much!

2. Maybe the time of Shakespeare would be interesting, as I love Shakespeare, plus this is also the time of Elizabeth I.

3. Perhaps the time of Emily Dickinson would be nice. 

4. I think I would be able to get into the late 1950s when Miles Davis was in his cool period.  Just to think I might be able to hearKind of Blue and Sketches of Spain in person! 

5. What about the time of the Roman Gods and maybe getting to know them better than I do now. Would I also gain an understanding of the mythologies? (No idea what time period I'd be going back to.)

6. Maybe I could just live this life over and over until I get it right. 

7. How about going back to the future and being totally surprised about where you'd land! It would all be new and foreign, just like going back in time would be, only weirder. 

I think that's about as many places as I really like to "go", but mostly, I just want to live with all of today's amenities and in a time that is familiar. There's no place like home. 


My list was harder to write than I thought it would be. I'm hesitant to give up indoor plumbing!

I wouldn't be able to do this one! Definitely a creature of this modern age.

I'm with you; I like my life, electricity, running water, and heat too much to stray too far away from the here and now. I'd rather read about different time periods from the comfort of home!

This was not easy for me either. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. I'd like to have seen the 50's too.

There is no place like home, indeed. But exploring favorite periods for art and music -- what a great idea!

So many time periods sound interesting, but I think we would all find it difficult to live without today's amenities!

Totally agree with you on all points!

I decided that I'd rather just duck in for quick events here and there . . . because I like my comforts in the current era, thankyouverymuch! XO (And we SHOULD be opening a bottle of wine. . .) ;-)

Great answers. I'm still working on my answers.

whew! I thought I might be the only one who struggled with this. I would love to check out other times - but really just to look, not to live. I'm pretty happy with the times we have right now!

I think I would like to see my grand parents date as well as my parents! I've never thought about that. I'd like the frontier days but with modern medicines....

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