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Love Long Weekends

T'was the weekend of skies.


Golden skies, blue skies, sometimes a few clouds. The temperatures stay in the fifties, both high and low. Birds started their mating behaviors and sang songs of love and joy. It is heartbreakingly wrong, but it is hard to do anything but enjoy the warm weather and the sun.


T'was the weekend of mail. Postcards came from far away places, but the one postcard that brought surprise and delight was from Beverly. She has an on-going Postcard Project, one for every day of the year, and I am the lucky recipient of a card. It thrills me to no end that her great-grandmother's lapels have an Alabama Chanin look. Beverly has a new moniker for those of us who dabble in AC stitching...Chaninistas! 


T'was the weekend of of silly love notes. Smith collected all the sticky notes we've left for each other over the last year and set them inside a frame. Happy Valentine's Day to me! 

 Truthfully, I didn''t do as much crafting as I'd hoped, but plans are being made and ideas evolving. I do have one more day to do as I wish. We'll see what I can cook up. 


Don't give up on winter yet. We too have enjoyed a streak of what I call "February Spring" with warm temps and sunshine. Winter returned in high form yesterday. This too shall pass.

Awww. That Smith.

I've saved a 20 year old post-it love note. Great minds think alike!

What a thoughtful and sweet gift. My husband and I do that too (more precious than anything commercially produced). Makes my heart sing as I'm sure it does both of yours too .
Hope you get some moisture soon.

Smith is so sweet.

What a beautiful postcard! I like that "Chaninista" moniker!

That Smith's a real sweetheart.

That is a stunning sky! I'm sorry it's not a harbinger of cold winter weather, but it is beautiful.

That gift from Smith is the best thing ever. How sweet. And the sky! I wish we could trade for a week!

Awww! What a sweet Valentine. I loved the postcard--the art is wonderful.

That's a great watercolor postcard. :) And the framed love post-it notes are so sweet!

What a LOVELY Valentine's gift! So sweet. Although I know it's Too Weird to have a Winter-that-Wasn't, I'm a bit envious. We've got more snow and temperatures that aren't supposed to get past single digits this week. . .

What a romantic gift! I was so pleased when I saw that this particular post card was heading your way!

I love Smith's incredibly sweet!
I would be freaked out about the weather there as well, but there is nothing you can do but to enjoy it, right? Sun and warmth in February sounds pretty nice.


I love the framed sticky notes, so romantic and meaningful! lovely sketch :)

Aww love the framed sticky notes.

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