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In Which We Have Spring


You could say the garden gnome is a bit behind the times, as he is wearing a knit hat.   This weekend the temperatures hovered around 70 (yes, you're reading that correctly), which mean a Sunday excursion to Red Butte Garden was in order. I had to see the snow drops in bloom. The bonus was to see a field of of daffodils right on the verge of opening. What in the world...?


Snow drops are my favorite flower, but because of their capriciousness and elusive nature, I do not see them every spring. Two years ago I planted 40 bulbs in hopes my chances would increase. That has not been the case. Last year, not a single sighting. This year I bought a membership to Red Butte in order to increase my chances of seeing springs earliest blossoms, but little did I know, it would happen on a 70 degree day the first week of February!

As luck would have it, I spotted two tiny blossoms in my own garden the same day! I'm hopeful there will be a few more, but it looks like my 40 bulbs have mostly been duds. 


That isn't to say my tiny garden is totally lacking, as the crocus are coming up and opening their blossoms to the warmth of the sun. I understand why, and although we wonder where winter has gone (east, from what I've heard), I can't help but turn my face towards the sun, too. 


That sure looks different than what we have. I'd gladly trade!

Definitely turn your face to the sun! It may feel strange, but you are just taking in what the moment is providing. Love the flower pictures. Nothing like that here.

A couple of years ago, we had summer in the middle of March (unheard of!) -- and all of my bulbs and flowering shrubs were blooming months ahead of "normal." So unnerving, even though beautiful. It ended up causing lots of . . . issues . . . because winter ended up arriving in April that year.

Enjoy your spring-that-came-in-winter. Those blooms are gorgeous -- and warm my heart.

Those blooms are beautiful and a wonderful sight on this snowy Monday. Dan (in Ft. Collins) has been telling us about the warm weather for a month. It's just crazy! Happy Monday Margene!

I have a gnome that reads a book but he is quite weather beaten. Love your spring photos, we have rain turning into snow and you know in between will be ice (UGH) So we wait it out for now!

Looking at your picture and looking out my window right now, I will take your view, thank you very much. Kidding aside, enjoy it while you can!! xoxo

Enjoy it! We are getting buried yet again. All I can do is laugh. Turn your face to the sun! Like your flowers I know I would be too and soaking it all up, cuz you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Crazy warm weekend here as well with tons of sun! Which will make it all the more brutal when we get that March snowstorm......

Far out, dudette! It was a little warm here over the weekend, but we are back to winter here. Enjoy the moments!

Springtime (?) un the Rockies? We all know we will pay for this weather in April (please, please don't make it May).

CRAZY. I hope those poor flowers don't get frozen out.

Margene, you MUST look at a blog called Yarnstorm Press--you'll see why!

It's good that we're getting some rain today.

It often happens that we want what others have, and that is certainly the case here. I'd love some of your beautiful snowdrops and crocuses in exchange for our seemingly endless snow and ice. Lovely as your flowers are, I do hope you get some winter soon!

While we are a VERY long way away from your pictures appearing in my neck of the woods, I did actually get that sense of "stuff" happening today. Light levels are higher, longer; i just got the sense that "things" are happening where we can't see them...such a good feeling of anticipation! (and I know that we are probably 2 to 3 months away from it at least - I'll take it!)
Thank you for the siting of spring! :)

um whoa! that doesn't look familiar even to this Southern girl! I did spot daffodil sprouts, but they're nowhere near ready to bloom yet. crazy times when winter in SLC ends before winter in Georgia!

What in the world will "real" spring and summer be like???

(I'm still not caught up from vacation, but I just have to check in!!)

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