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Friday Letters


Dear Weather Dogs-

From what I understand, you have a change in store for us, but it doesn't look like much of one, nor does it look like it will give us much in the way of precipitation, let alone snow. As you can see from the above picture, a weeping willow is leafing. In February. Seriously, I don't like to complain, but will you please bring us weather appropriate for the month? We need a little winter before we have real spring, not that we expect you to honor the calendar or anything. 

Dear Andi & Anne,

Thank you for having a contest, the contest in which I won a copy of Anne's Legendary Knits Vol. 3! I've known Anne a long time and I love her designs based on legendary people and fairy tales. 

Front resized

I'm quite fond of The Little Mermaid Sweater and I am completely smitten with the Guinevere Shawl. I even think I have the perfect Wooly Wonka yarn marinating in my stash. 

Guin Resized 2

The colors in the elegant Flora Mitts are a reminder of beautiful colors of spring and summer, seasons we all love (and miss!). 


 It's always fun to win, but even more so when the designs are something I'll knit (if I ever find time to knit again).

Dear Readers-

Please make sure you check out Volumes 1 and 2 of Legendary Knits. And, that you have a great weekend!


It's 4 degrees here with a high of 12 today, and I so wish I could send you some of our cold and snow. I will have a great weekend perusing Legendary Knits. Those mitts are calling my name!

Lucky you, Margene! That looks like a fabulous prize!

As far as hoping for winter-before-spring . . . if it happens now, all your buds will be lost and you'll have bad garden juju for the rest of the season. (It happened here a few years ago. We had a weird, early "summer" -- and all the trees leafed and budded in March. Then winter showed up. BIG problems. . . and no cherries that year.)

yay you were a winner! Congrats :)

Congrats on your win! That IS a gorgeous sweater. Have a great weekend, hopefully with random surprise precipitation.

Dear Margene,
Enjoy that weather. Live it up, in fact, and know that those of us on the frozen tundra of Massachusetts are utterly jealous.
Love, Carole

"Global Weirding" is my new favorite term. I don't like it.

What a fun prize! Gorgeous projects...

Happy Weekend!

Just noticed the term Global Wierding--so true. A nice warm day in mid-winter is a blessing, but weeks of such weather are problematic. Thanks for all the beautiful knitting pictures.

Yay for being a winner!

That's great! And the designs look terrific. Enjoy your weekend and here's hoping an Alberta clipper takes a wrong turn! (Do you have those?) ;-)

Purple is very appealing to me lately. I love the mitts you've shown today

Congrats on the win! The Flora Mitts remind me of pansies.

All the patterns you show are beautiful, but I am particularly smitten with those mitts! Love those colors! Ah, the weather.... You have my complete sympathy, but you know you are helpless to change it, so just go with the flow. It's your only real option. Have a wonderful weekend with Smith!

Well done :) What beautiful patterns.

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