At Rest, For Now
In Which We Have Spring

In the Sun

In the center of our community garden is one of only 18 known labyrinths in Utah. Being in the garden has a calming effect on me, but  when I walk the path of the labyrinth, a silent prayer of love flows from my heart. I am not a believer in any religious tradition and I pray in my own way. Walking the labyrinth opens my heart and fills my spirit with calm. 


You can see from my shadow, we had a weekend of sun. Smith and I spent Saturday together, going out for breakfast and then running errands. I find errands are more fun when you have company. Later in the afternoon Smith worked on the greenhouse (of course!) and I walked the labyrinth and the pathways of the garden. 


Sunday, while Smith was working, I stopped by the monthly Wasatch Market to buy a loaf of GF bread. A tamale booth caught my eye and after talking to the owner, and after having a taste of the chicken tamale, I decided to try a mole tamale for lunch. It was delicious, but the very best part was sitting in at a picnic table to enjoy the warmth of the sun. (I am an idiot and do not remember the name of the vendor, but I will be back next month to buy more tamales and make sure I note their name.)

The sun is now hidden behind gray once again and a storm, with minimal rain, is headed our way.  Sadly, the next 7 days have temperatures in the 50s...even during the storm. I'm not one to complain about warm weather, but it would be nice to have a little snow, at least in the mountains. February, I'm happy to see you, but please bring us some snow. 

So friends, how was your weekend?  


I love tamales although I'll admit the only ones I've ever had were made by Kathy's husband, Lino. We have more snow here today. You can HAVE it!

Mmmm, tamales!

Last week we had 30s/40s - now we're back to a more seasonable +2.

We do have some snow to spare here in the Northeast and would be glad to share:)

Sadly, I have never had a tamale! Another snow day here for Boston and our 'burbs as we are into our second storm in a week that's promising a foot of snow. Looks like confectioners sugar falling from the sky!

We did have snow - but it came up out of the south and missed you guys to the north. Nice, quiet, relaxing - all the good things about weekending. :)

It was wonderful to see the sun - glad you were able to spend some time in it.

We were supposed to get an inch or so of snow--woke up to about 8 inches! Something to do with the jet stream. The weather is so different from when I moved to Colorado, and it sounds like Utah is also having crazy atypical weather. Maybe we'll get an April blizzard.

Tamales Tita. The owner knows me. Just sayin'.

We LOVE tamales and make them every year in December. So yummy!

I love your labyrinth. . . and ever since I walked yours last September, I've been thinking about putting one in my own garden. (But WHERE???) I'm envious of your sunshine --- and your tamale!!! XO

something is for sure amiss when it's warmer in Utah than Georgia in February. brisk winds blew in blue skies today but oh's cold! your labyrinth is beautiful. I can feel the peace. and the sun. best wishes for the week!

I do envy your sunshine (and tamales!) but will continue to send serious snow thoughts your way!

looks like a lovely weekend of sunshine, new foods from strange to you vendors but you'll remember the name next time :) All good :)

Yum, yum, tamales! I'm jealous. We have had quite a bit of rain, but I think we are still a bit behind in precip. I'm glad you got to spend some time with Smith. I had a lovely, low impact weekend, reading, cooking, cuddling with the pups.

I've never had tamales, but they sound good. I love the greenhouse that Smith is working on. Looking at your community garden space, it almost looks like early Spring. I wonder if we will get some of your weather would be a nice change. <3

I've never had a tamale either! The weather is becoming a bit overwhelming right now, and I do like it. Here's to another great weekend right around the corner. ;-)

We would love to share our New Hampshire snow with you!! Robert is still digging out! I'm in SLC for a bit, but I'm sure the snow will still be there when I get home!

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