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No Idea

The Ten on Tuesday topic gave me a belly laugh. What? 10 Time Periods You Would Visit If You Had a Hot Tub Time Machine! I have no idea what Carole is talking about, but I'm sure there will be some great posts today. 


 1. I'm wondering if I would I like living in the time of Edith Wharton? (Thank you, Kym, I love this sticker so much!

2. Maybe the time of Shakespeare would be interesting, as I love Shakespeare, plus this is also the time of Elizabeth I.

3. Perhaps the time of Emily Dickinson would be nice. 

4. I think I would be able to get into the late 1950s when Miles Davis was in his cool period.  Just to think I might be able to hearKind of Blue and Sketches of Spain in person! 

5. What about the time of the Roman Gods and maybe getting to know them better than I do now. Would I also gain an understanding of the mythologies? (No idea what time period I'd be going back to.)

6. Maybe I could just live this life over and over until I get it right. 

7. How about going back to the future and being totally surprised about where you'd land! It would all be new and foreign, just like going back in time would be, only weirder. 

I think that's about as many places as I really like to "go", but mostly, I just want to live with all of today's amenities and in a time that is familiar. There's no place like home. 

In The Now

Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to Right Now!

1. Smith's birthday celebration today! He's deciding where he'd like to go for his special dinner. 


2. Just for fun, I took Carla Sonheim's Crazy Birds tutorial and signed up the Junk Mail Artist Book class and I'm looking forward to giving that pesky junk mail a reason to be.

TIny Iris

3. I'm looking forward to another week of above normal temperatures before winter tries to subvert the high that's kept it at bay. The weekend temperatures are headed to the "below normal range", but since normal is 43, and they're predicting 42, this isn't much of a threat. However, we are used to living in paradise. 

4. Looking forward to the end of the book I'm reading. It's for my book group, otherwise, I bother to wouldn't finish it. 

5. We've decided to paint our bedroom, or you could say, I've decided the color I want on my bedroom wall. Smith is now painting our bedside tables in a complimentary color and the walls will come next. I'm looking forward to having it finished and the work hasn't even started. 

6. I'm looking forward to finishing the Duane Park Triangle, but seriously...did you think it would take me this long? I truly thought I'd be finished by now. It will be another week or so. 

7. I'm looking forward to the weekend. After a long weekend, I don't want to return to work. I like my job, it's just that I like weekends better. 

8. On the said weekend, I should have time to work on my Alabama Chanin project and finish sewing the front. I have a beading extravaganza in mind as embellishment. 


9. I'm looking forward to snow? I would love to see a foot of snow on the ground. It isn't just that we need the water, snow would help me remember and understand the date. It is mid-February after all. See how little snow and how dry the brush is? We need winter to return. 

10. I'm looking forward to DST. I like it. You're entitled to your opinion. That's mine. 

What are you looking forward to now? 

Love Long Weekends

T'was the weekend of skies.


Golden skies, blue skies, sometimes a few clouds. The temperatures stay in the fifties, both high and low. Birds started their mating behaviors and sang songs of love and joy. It is heartbreakingly wrong, but it is hard to do anything but enjoy the warm weather and the sun.


T'was the weekend of mail. Postcards came from far away places, but the one postcard that brought surprise and delight was from Beverly. She has an on-going Postcard Project, one for every day of the year, and I am the lucky recipient of a card. It thrills me to no end that her great-grandmother's lapels have an Alabama Chanin look. Beverly has a new moniker for those of us who dabble in AC stitching...Chaninistas! 


T'was the weekend of of silly love notes. Smith collected all the sticky notes we've left for each other over the last year and set them inside a frame. Happy Valentine's Day to me! 

 Truthfully, I didn''t do as much crafting as I'd hoped, but plans are being made and ideas evolving. I do have one more day to do as I wish. We'll see what I can cook up. 

Friday Letters


Dear Weather Dogs-

From what I understand, you have a change in store for us, but it doesn't look like much of one, nor does it look like it will give us much in the way of precipitation, let alone snow. As you can see from the above picture, a weeping willow is leafing. In February. Seriously, I don't like to complain, but will you please bring us weather appropriate for the month? We need a little winter before we have real spring, not that we expect you to honor the calendar or anything. 

Dear Andi & Anne,

Thank you for having a contest, the contest in which I won a copy of Anne's Legendary Knits Vol. 3! I've known Anne a long time and I love her designs based on legendary people and fairy tales. 

Front resized

I'm quite fond of The Little Mermaid Sweater and I am completely smitten with the Guinevere Shawl. I even think I have the perfect Wooly Wonka yarn marinating in my stash. 

Guin Resized 2

The colors in the elegant Flora Mitts are a reminder of beautiful colors of spring and summer, seasons we all love (and miss!). 


 It's always fun to win, but even more so when the designs are something I'll knit (if I ever find time to knit again).

Dear Readers-

Please make sure you check out Volumes 1 and 2 of Legendary Knits. And, that you have a great weekend!

We Are 11!

For eleven years the SnBers of SLC have been meeting up on Tuesday nights (and Sunday afternoons). We do what you think any bunch of knitters would do, we knit, we chat, we bitch, we share ideas, we help with problems both personal and knitterly, AND once year, we knit for each other.

Our eleventh year theme was Parallel Lines (thanks to Susan!), which is brilliant, because, if you think about it, all knitting creates parallel lines. We had a varied line up of interpretations, which made the evening all the more fun.


Susan knit Extra which ended up in Cheryl's hands.


Cheryl knit a pair of mitts which Anna now wears.


Anna knit a cowl which Caroline wears with aplomb.


Caroline knit a pair of mitts which Susan was thrill to own.


Jacquie knit (and designed) a unique scarf, which Laurie now sports.


Laurie knit a nice long Linen Stitch scarf, which I now love and wear.


And I knit a headband, which now keeps Jacquie's ears warm.

 Thank you to Laurie who put the group together and to the Jitterbug who has been our host for all 11 years. The Grrls of SnB Rock!! 

Time to Love

Sunrise 2-9-15

I love seeing a brilliant sunrise. This is the view from my back door and I am lucky enough to leave the house at just the right time to see so many amazing sunrises. I love my view!

I love my new furnace, as it works so much better than the 44 year old beast we had. I also love that the old beast lasted 44 years. 


I love being on the homestretch of finishing my long time knitting companion, Duane Park Triangle

I love having clean teeth and an "all clear for the next 6 months" report from my dentist. 

I love knowing next Monday is a day off! That alone will get me through the next week. 

I love sending mail and getting mail. It is the Month of Letters and I have been writing to friends and family, sending at least one letter a day. This is Valentine's week and I am looking forward to sending a few hearts in the mail, too. 


I love being a member of Postcrossing and sending postcards to all corners of the globe. Yesterday I received three!  One from China and two from Russia!

I love the SnB girls and I am working on a post to share the wonderful projects we knit for our 11th anniversary. 

I love hanging out with Smith, which I will do all weekend! I can't remember the last time we had both weekend days together. We're SO looking forward to it and, as you know, Saturday is Valentine's Day, which makes it all the better!

I love that you still read my blog! I feel honored that anyone would be reading my blog after all these years. Thank you!

Carole asked us to start 10 sentence with I love. So, tell me, what do you love? 

In Which We Have Spring


You could say the garden gnome is a bit behind the times, as he is wearing a knit hat.   This weekend the temperatures hovered around 70 (yes, you're reading that correctly), which mean a Sunday excursion to Red Butte Garden was in order. I had to see the snow drops in bloom. The bonus was to see a field of of daffodils right on the verge of opening. What in the world...?


Snow drops are my favorite flower, but because of their capriciousness and elusive nature, I do not see them every spring. Two years ago I planted 40 bulbs in hopes my chances would increase. That has not been the case. Last year, not a single sighting. This year I bought a membership to Red Butte in order to increase my chances of seeing springs earliest blossoms, but little did I know, it would happen on a 70 degree day the first week of February!

As luck would have it, I spotted two tiny blossoms in my own garden the same day! I'm hopeful there will be a few more, but it looks like my 40 bulbs have mostly been duds. 


That isn't to say my tiny garden is totally lacking, as the crocus are coming up and opening their blossoms to the warmth of the sun. I understand why, and although we wonder where winter has gone (east, from what I've heard), I can't help but turn my face towards the sun, too. 

In the Sun

In the center of our community garden is one of only 18 known labyrinths in Utah. Being in the garden has a calming effect on me, but  when I walk the path of the labyrinth, a silent prayer of love flows from my heart. I am not a believer in any religious tradition and I pray in my own way. Walking the labyrinth opens my heart and fills my spirit with calm. 


You can see from my shadow, we had a weekend of sun. Smith and I spent Saturday together, going out for breakfast and then running errands. I find errands are more fun when you have company. Later in the afternoon Smith worked on the greenhouse (of course!) and I walked the labyrinth and the pathways of the garden. 


Sunday, while Smith was working, I stopped by the monthly Wasatch Market to buy a loaf of GF bread. A tamale booth caught my eye and after talking to the owner, and after having a taste of the chicken tamale, I decided to try a mole tamale for lunch. It was delicious, but the very best part was sitting in at a picnic table to enjoy the warmth of the sun. (I am an idiot and do not remember the name of the vendor, but I will be back next month to buy more tamales and make sure I note their name.)

The sun is now hidden behind gray once again and a storm, with minimal rain, is headed our way.  Sadly, the next 7 days have temperatures in the 50s...even during the storm. I'm not one to complain about warm weather, but it would be nice to have a little snow, at least in the mountains. February, I'm happy to see you, but please bring us some snow. 

So friends, how was your weekend?