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At Rest, For Now


The garden sits at rest even though the temperatures have been above normal and the winter lackluster. The few stalks that remain are mere ghosts of their former selves. The wheelbarrows are in repose, waiting, ready, wanting to be used.


On days when garden catalogs are not enough, a gardener, or two, can be seen in the walking along the pathways, wistfully dreaming of the spring planting season,  summers warmth, and autumn's bounty.


Smith and a buddy have been spending their extra time working on various projects in the garden, but at the top of the list has been the community greenhouse. Last fall they framed in the structure with PVC pipe and during the warmer days of winter, they've covered it over with plastic. On the day they finished I walked inside to find the humidity high and the ceiling covered with "dew" drops.

Smith in greenhouse
Last week Smith set old pallets, and our old carport garden box, inside to use as shelves to hold planters and flats. Over the weekend they were raised up to table height. Other gardener's are starting to drop by and check out the new space and excited to use it.

With the warm weather and the growing sunlight, gardeners are starting to turn their thoughts towards spring and a planting season that is less than 7 weeks away. Soon this place of quiet will turn from its rest into a bustling, greening spot with hopeful gardens of early sprouts. A gardener's motto is often, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!".

You Can Laugh At Me Now

Well, seriously, this weeks 10 on Tuesday puts me in a laughable situation. I don't "do" footwear. Very few shoes reside in my closet and most are all the same shoe, maybe varying in color, but all the same brand, shape, and shoe. My shoes are basic utilities and lack much style, but I'm willing to share what I have.


1. Keen's, my #1 shoe, the shoe I wear every day of the week. The style changes only slightly, but the shoe always has the same fit. I have 2 pair of black (one pair in good shape, the other quite worn) a pair in maroon (cordovan?), and a recent splurge, red. The picture above was not taken for the benefit of this post. As my luck would have it, I rushed out of the house a few weeks ago and did not notice until late afternoon that I had on two different shoes. Ha, ha, the joke is on me!

2. Slippers- This is my standard after work (at least in winter) footwear.

3. Boots (one pair) an UGG knitted style I wear once in a blue moon (especially this year).


4. Back to the Keen, I also have a pair of close-toe sandals.

5. Workout shoes-I bought 2 years ago.

6. And, to round out the wardrobe, another pair of Keens, my walking/hiking shoes.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the pretty shoes everyone else has in their closets. My days of having a closet full of choices are long gone (happily).

Weekend Milestone

Yesterday, Smith and I celebrated our 35th anniversary by going to our favorite sushi place for dinner. As is my usual MO, I took no pictures, as apparently, I live only in moments I never remember to share. 

For 35 years Smith has put up with my foibles, insecurities, and quirks, and I feel very lucky he's willing to do so. We've lived in this house for almost all of our married years and I can't imagine leaving it, although I would like to make a few changes in decor. 

In 1980 I believed in perms (had to have that full curly head of hair everyone else). In 1980 I didn't believe in sunblock, and those lily white arms are now speckled with spots. In 1980 I felt young and beautiful, and now, I feel much older, still beautiful, perhaps. While I've heard it said age brings wisdom, I'm not sure I've become any wiser, unless that means being smart enough to stay married to this wonderful man for 35th years.  


Friday Letters

Paula has the good idea of writing letters to share a rundown of the weeks happenings. This may become an ongoing feature of several of the blogs I read. 

January morning

Dear January-

I am disappointed in you. Yes, you have given us many beautiful days with above normal temperatures and it isn't that I don't enjoy the warmth and the sun, but honestly, don't you think you could give us a little more snow and some freezing temperatures? The insects you haven't killed are going to make gardening a nightmare this year!

Dear Postal Services in China and Russia-

Please be more timely and efficient when delivering the mail. Postcrosser's are waiting with anticipation for a postcard to arrive in their mailbox and you seem to be taking your time. Please don't lose the cards.

Dear Manicure-

Who knew I'd like you so much? Shell We Dance is just the perfect shade of pale, but more than that, my nails feel like they've been to finishing school. They are properly cared for and dress up nicely without being showy. My nails feel strong and beautiful, which is a complete turnaround from they way they've been the last few years. Thank you and thank Claudia!

Dear Smith-

Thank you for the little love note you packed in my lunch yesterday. It was a lovely surprise to open my container of carrots and find "I love you" on a sticky note! You're the best and I love you back!

Dear TGIF-


Dear Blog reader-

Who would you write a letter to?

Glory Be

Before Chirstmas I bought two amaryllis bulbs in the hope of brightening a dreary January with color and as a reminder to keep myself open to any possibility or challenge. One bulb did not even try to break through, but the whole waiting started when the with a tip of a bud came peeking through the other blub. Day by day the stalk grew by inches and, before you know it, the bud started to OPEN.


RIght away the bud flashes her color and anticipation grows.


And, before long, the bud starts to show real potential, reaching out to the light.


First one and then other other, the buds start to turn into flowers. 


Each day a new flower opens up to face the world, radiating her color, her beauty, and giving all she's can.


And before long, there she stands before you, in all her glory, open and ready to show the world what she's got. 

There's a Popular Song About This

Happiness comes from within. No one else, nothing else, only you, can bring happiness into your life. Carole asked for 10 Things That Make (Me) Happy Right Now. 


2015-01-19 08.45.05 1

At the top of the list is the one day of beautiful blue sky we enjoyed this weekend. You know how happy blue skies make me. 


2. The stunning red amaryllis that has brightened my kitchen for the last month while it has slowly brought forth its glorious blossoms. It deserves a post of its own.


3. Recommended by Brainpicklings, and picked up at my local library. this wonderful book brought delight to my weekend with its charming story and accompanying illustrations. A good book is happiness and this is only one of the three I read over the weekend. 

4. Happiness is spending two days IN A ROW with Smith. We walked in the sun, went to our favorite tea shop, spent time in the garden working on a green house, fixed some fun meals, had breakfast at a place we love, and even, fit in time to relax. 

5. Happiness is a project, that's been knit mostly under the radar, nearing the finish line. You know how slowly I knit, but sooner than later I'll be sharing an FO post. There is also a cecret project on the needles and there could be a row or two of a sweater in the works.


6. My favorite project, of the moment, is an Alabama Chanin project you have not been privy to. More will be revealed shortly, do not fret. Believe me, it brings happiness. 

7. Happiness a delicious meal, made with care and love, and four hands working to  make it happen. 

8. Happiness is having dinner with a girlfriend;  good conversation, good food, good wine, and a good time. 

9. Three beautiful days off work! That is what made me SO happy this weekend. 

10. Happiness is everything in my world. My life is full, there is a roof over my head, I am safe, and I have a good job, I have a car (even though old and ugly), and I have a boat load of friends, a wonderful family, and a darling husband. 

Happiness is being grateful. 

Working The List

I'm not sure anyone is around on this long winter weekend, but let's get back into this game of blogging with a review of my list of intentions. Even though it's only been a couple of weeks I think I'm doing well.

Why not start at the top with #1: Friday night I did a little shopping and picked up a few things needed to do my own fancy manicure (ala Claudia). Saturday, in preparation for a clear Sunday morning, I did all the laundry and cooking that needed to be done. Sunday, I sat down and went through each step needed to create my beautiful new manicure and ended up with a not-too-bad job of blue nails.


However, I did freak out not think the look was quite "me", so I took the color off and I'm now sporting only a clear coat on my nails. Claudia suggests a more subtle color until my eyes get used to seeing something on the nails.

Second on the list: As to writing notes, I have been doing just that almost every day. I write to friends or family and send notes or cards, plus I also send out postcards via Postcrossing. It's been great to see postcards in my mailbox from the far reaches of the globe and to send out picture postcards of the beautiful Salt Lake Valley.

The third: Reading, I am reading, reading, reading and I've already finished 5 books for the year. The Miniaturist is one many of you will enjoy if you're a fan of historical fiction. Euphoria was just ok, but I enjoyed Bright Wings and American Pastoral. I've started The Sparrow, which may end of being my favorite read so far this year.


Four: I have been falling short on moving my body, as the weather has been wet and wetter, then inverted and miserable. The morning we were fogged in, I walked around my half mile circle a couple of times (photos were the motivator). So, I've made plenty of excuses and, from now on, I plan to get my move on everyday.

A Fifth: As to drink more tea, I am not falling behind on this intention and  have had a chance to meet up with a couple of friends. This is my favorite of all my intentions for the year.


Six: I may not be able to grow many veggies at the moment, but we are having a good time going through catalogs. Orders are being placed and lists are being made for future orders. The gardening time gets closer each day and within weeks we could be using Smith's new greenhouse.

(Yes, he and his buddies have been building a community greenhouse during this mild winter). Mild winters are not good for garden season, however, as I see a bug infested year.

7th: Hugs, hugs, hugs. Thank you for accepting my hugs and for giving them back. You can count on me for a hug any time. I'm all about giving people hugs, but only if they don't have a cold. Too many people I know are under the weather.

Eight: I'm smiling, or trying to keep smiling during the cold, wet, crummy weather we're having. BUT, I say "Thank You" every chance I get!

Number Nine: Every day I try to do a little something on one of my projects, but some days there just isn't time. Every stitch I make moves me closer to a finished  project and it also calms the mind. It's the calming I need, as my days have been busy.

And, as for The Tenth: Trying to be more me, accept me, well, that's the hardest of all the intentions. I am working on me every day.

So, how have you been during my little blog break? I hope your intentions have been going well and that you've stayed healthy.

Don't Worry, Be Happy


Carole asks our intentions and I'm not much on sharing mine, but here it is a blank slate of a year, a whole new 365 of days waiting to be entered. Oh, the things you can do , the places you can go, the lists upon lists you can make...

I know a few things I would like to do:

1. Learn to do my own manicure, ala Claudia.

2. Write lots and lots of handwritten notes.

3. Read books, as many as I can.

4. Move. My body. Keep moving.

5. Drink more tea. With friends whenever possible.

6. Grow more veggies, eat more veggies.

7. Hug people more (only if they want a hug).

8. Smile more, say "thank you" more.

9. Make more stuff, use my hands.

10. Be me more.


Open To

Happy, Happy New Year, friends!! Here it is a fresh new year, all dusted off from the trappings of 2014. 2015 looks good on you. 

How do you introduce a word, THE one word you want to keep in your heart and mind in the new year? There should be a drum roll, the rising of a curtain, or a black cloth being pulled off with a flourish. But, the only thing I can do on the blog is to declare my word for 2015.

My word is "OPEN".


My word reminds me to open my arms and dance like a wild woman, as my life should be full off all I can receive. I need to open my heart, open my mind, be open to new challenges, be open to beauty, be open to opportunity and ideas, be open to love, be open to being, open to life, and positive action.

I'll keep this word as my mantra, keep it in my heart and say it aloud to myself when I need to hear it. My arms are flung wide to see what they can bring in today. 

Happy 2015, friends!!