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For my first Christmas, Aunt Grace, my father's youngest sister, made a beautiful new dress for me. I remember it, in later years, housed in my mother's cedar chest. It was made from pale blue fabric with little white flocked bits and had silk ribbons hand sewn around the yoke. 

Today my thoughts are for my father who isn't doing well today. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 


that photo makes me smile - the dress is beautiful and I especially love the tinsel glittering on the tree! keeping you and your dad in my prayers... xo.

Will be holding your dad in my thoughts today. XOXOX to you.
The little dress is very precious -- and that dripping tinsel is divine!

I love the picture, and will be keeping you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers today.

I love both your dress and the one worn by the woman holding your hands (your mom?) - all those little buttons! Keeping you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers.

Holding you and your Dad close today. And so many beautiful little details in that picture!

I'm thinking about your dad today and hoping things go for him as best as they can.

You were such a cutie pie! And I'll be thinking good and healing thoughts for you dad.

How sweet you were in that cute little dress. Best of thoughts for your dad.

Sending healing thoughts your dad's way...

Sending good thoughts your dad's way...

The little dress is beautiful. I am in awe of our foremothers (including aunts) were so talented and generous. I recntly found some of my own vintage clothing, mostly made by my mother, and plan to donate it to the Denver School of the Arts drama department.

Our prayers are with your father.

Such a wonderful photo! Keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers today. Sending love and hugs to you all.

What a lovely memory! Healing thoughts for your dad!

Sending good thoughts and wishes for your dad -- and for you!

Sweet were an adorable baby.
Thinking of your dad. Hope he recovers quickly.

Healing thoughts and prayers for your dad...

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