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Argh, Shopping

Yuck, I dislike shopping more than just about anything, but I'll play along because it's Carole's ToT.

I GO to, but don't like:

1. Costco- I only go to get a few things that are better there than other place. 

2. Target- But I only go once or twice a year. I bought a toaster there a few months ago, and some cards a couple of weeks after that, but it's near my house, so that's why I go. 

3. Yarn shops, but I only on occasion. I usually shop my stash or on-line. However, I like yarns shops more than other types of stores, because people are friendly and they know you.

4. Book shop, again, only when I need a book for my book group and I love to browse, which I do not do in any other store. 

5. The grocery store, mainly Whole Foods, once again because it's near my home and I need food (unfortunately). 

6. I just thought of a store I like: The Utah State Liquor store. I like browsing through wines and picking up a bottle of my favorite whiskey. Last year they built a new store across the street from my office. It's very handy. (FYI: All liquor is distributed by the State of Utah.) 

7. Farmer's Markets, I love the produce and the artisan foods. Even in winter they have a market once a month and I always find something good. 

8. I was remiss in because I forgot my favorite tea shop! Tea Zaanti is a cool place to hang out with friends and drink good tea. Thank you, Claudia and Cheryl, for the reminder.

That's all, not much shopping goes on here. 


I don't have a Costco (yet), so it always sounds appealing to me. I also had to put our local liquor store on my list!

I agree, not my favorite thing to do, but i like your list

What about the tea store or the soap store. ;-)

I should have put the liquor store too! And what I wouldn't give for a Whole Foods near by just for some healthy selections outside of the box!

I love that liquor store near your office. Tons of wine and nice and bright. I have a new favorite white for you to try that has a slight smoky taste like whiskey.

Claudia's right! You forgot the tea shop!

Like you, I would not put shopping on my favorites list. However, I love Costco. My sis and I joined together, so we go and often split certain items. My most disliked shopping--being with a friend who has to see and touch EVERYTHING and can't make up her mind!

I forgot Costco! And I love it there and they have a great selection of wine.

It was very hard to name favorites when at most shopping is only tolerable. I've got five on my list so far. I'll finish it when I get home. I was hoping I'f think of a few more favs while I worked. Oh well. Costco's on mine.

Farmers Markets are great. I miss them at this time of year.

I'm not much on shopping, either - my most-frequented (not favorites) would be the Wedge (co-op, near me), Kowalski's (groceries, near me), Menard's, Home Depot, Petsmart, Patina (near me)... wild times. :)

I'm pleased to say I've been to many of your shopping haunts with you!!! :-) I am not a shopper, either. It's just a chore. . . Bleh!

oh shopping is not at all my favorite thing either - but I love a good yarn shop (and of course I spend a good bit of time in one!). wish we had a bookstore close by.... yours looks charming!

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