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Monday morning the mountain was shrouded by mystic clouds, while the suns light shone, adding a touch of color. The highlight of my day was an evening spent alone listening to the children's Nativity pageant in A Prayer for Owen Meany and laughing out loud 


Tuesday's dawn was lighter and brighter and my day in the office was much less challenging. Tuesday is our SnB night and I was able to laugh, chat, and knit with friends, including Susan and Cheryl.


Wednesday a small storm moved through, but dropped only enough rain to wet the ground and add a couple of inches to the highest peaks. Wednesday was also the day I'd learned my father was in the hospital. Over the week his condition has improved and he is feeling stronger. Thank you so much for your kind comments and prayers.


Thursday dawned to gray skies, but by lunch time the sun was out and it was warm enough (near 60) to eat lunch in the park. That evening I took  Susan's hat class, which was held at my favorite tea shop, Tea Zaanti


Friday was the first day of the week without a cloud in the sky. The sun felt good the few times I walked out of my office, but by the time I got home the sun had set. My evening was spent with Owen Meany and John Wheelwright. This is a book high on my recommended reading list, just in case you want to know.

So that's my week, and my mountain view, in review. Perhaps, I'll come back later this week with a year in review, just as Vicki does every year. Happy Satuday!


It's been a great sky week! Such interesting clouds.

Amazing photos of the constant changing views of your mountain! So glad your father is out of the woods and doing better!

Thanks for the beautiful mountain pictures and the book recommendation.

Thanks for sharing your mountains. :)

Loved the same mountain every day, beautiful :)

One of my brothers favorites - we discussed it last week as I mentioned you were reading it. Thank-you for the walk through your week!

Hope your pop gets better and back home soon!

This is a great post - I love the way you used the photo of your mountain to illustrated your daily life. Fun to read and know what's going on with you!

loved seeing those mountain views with the different skies. and I'm so glad you're enjoying Owen Meany!

Oh, how I love seeing that changing landscape! So much drama in just one week.

Your mountain has many moods and it sounds like you have had a pretty good week while it watched over you. I'm so glad to hear that your father is improving.

The nativity scene in Owen Meany is just PRICELESS!!! Tom and I read it aloud every Christmas. It never ceases to delight!

Your mountain is always, always changing -- and incredible every minute!

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