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WIP Wednesday

Although, no longer officially a WIP, we'll consider it so until there has been a proper photo shoot. 

Photo created by SketchGuru (thanks, Chris!)

To block this baby, I needed 2 blocking wires along the top (for a straight edge), 3 along the scalloped edge (to make it all the way around the half-circle), and two circular wires along the top edge of the border to keep the half-circle true. You can see the pins at the top of the shawl and at the top of the dark border. Although they are not necessary, wires make the job easier. 

I love this shawl, the yarn (Kim's Lucent), and the pattern. It took 3 months to compelte, but that's because I'm a slow knitter. It was worth every stitch! I promise a proper photo shoot as soon as possible.


blocking counts as a WIP in my book! this is going to be absolutely stunning - I can't wait for the FO photos. Three months is nothing for something this beautiful!!

Blocking definitely counts. That yarn must be heavenly!

You are going to enjoy that shawl! It's beautiful, and the yarn sounds delicious. (I have a lace project that has been marinating for almost 6 years. Three months is nothing!)

That is a beautiful blocking job. I've been thinking about blocking wires for a long time, but never pulled the trigger.


Oh my, that is gorgeous! I love the shape :)

Wow. It looks gorgeous blocking - can't wait to see the official photos!

Can't wait to see more photos. It is beautiful!

Gorgeous! Both the knitting and blocking look like patience personified, and well worth it.

I can't wait to see you in it!! I've made a mental commitment to blocking mine this weekend and thanks to your picture it will be much easier. :)

I haven't blocked mine yet but I will be doing it this weekend and I so appreciate that you shared how you blocked yours! I have those wires and I plan on putting them to use!

So beautiful! You inspire me to keep knitting!!! (Only 16 repeats to go... which gives me plenty of time to find some blocking wires!)

Blocking that shawl must have been a zen experience! I can't wait for the photo shoot.

Wow! What a beautiful piece. You will so enjoy the fruits of your labor here Margene. And that app...awesome!

It's beautiful, feels amazing, and I agree - blocking wires are da bomb.

I don't even remember how I blocked mine... I don't remember a lot about that shawl!! :)

THANK YOU FOR SKETCHGURU!! I barely finished reading the description before hitting INSTALL! Fantastic.


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