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Under Consideration

See the sweater sitting under the swatch and yarn? That's Chicane and its destiny is to become yarn again. The full skein sitting atop the sweater was leftover, which gives me plenty of wiggle room for a sweater of my choice. Since Chicane was a size (or so) too large, there will be more than enough. To make this news even better, the yarn is my favorite Beaverslide Worsted.


The swatch, which is knit in Shelter, is being scrutinized for another sweater, Hallet's Ledge. The swatch is light as air, but I'm promised, will be nice and warm. I like the tweedy-ness of the yarn, the way it softens when blocked, as well as, the way it holds stitch definition. It's right on gauge, too. I'm working out how to knit the sweater in separate pieces, as it's knit as one, a technique that's not to my liking.

For the moment, I'm only considering options, but as you can see, a sweater will likely be a future project.

Full disclosure, the picture was changed from color to black and white. The swatch is red, but the sweater will be (if it is to be) charcaol gray. Cast Iron to be exact. I doubt you're surprised. 

Are you considering any large projects? 


What a thoughtful way to think about your next project. I wasn't considering any large projects, but once I looked at Shelter and all the lovely tweedy colors it's available in, I may have to consider at least a medium project.

I am sorry to see Chicane go. But upward and onward for the nonpackrats among us! Shelter is lovely.

Since that version of Chicane was never really quite the one for you, returning it to yarn is probably best. Hallet's Ledge is a pretty sweater. I hope you figure out a way to knit it to your liking, or a different sweater that lets you knit as you prefer. xo

You are so wise to let Chicane go! The lovely yarn is screaming to become ... Something Else. I am considering many sweaters. In fact, I'm dreaming of them! But, alas, I remain bogged down in Cactus Flower lace repeats! (I'm on #10, so making progress.)

I have been pondering lots and lots of sweaters, but haven't had the mental space to do anything more. I have in mind a stockinette cardigan for myself (want to use up some of my Cascade 220 stash!), and sweaters for my kids as well. Hopefully that will keep me busy most of the winter.

I'm sad to see a sweater frogged but if you do not like it or wear it then it's a good decision. Also how nice to have that extra skein for wiggle room :)

What do you do to yarn after you rip it out, before you knit it again, to get the kinks out?

I've long admired Hallet's Ledge. I think it would be lovely in dark grey. I've got to get through the holidays but Ravello is next for me...if I can ever get the swatch to gage...try #3 in the making.

I love the swatch - it looks and feels great. I'm glad you're going to recycle the Beaverslide - it's too nice to go unworn.

I like to see favorite yarn re-used. Rip-festival!

Reclaiming that yarn and making something you will enjoy better is a smart idea. I hate swatching. Good for you for taking the time to get it right.

I recently knit a shawl with LOFT and I love it! Nice and warm but light. I have yarn for a sweater for me, I am just not ready to cast on for it yet. One day soon if my home knitting buddies have anything to say about it.

Oh, I LOVE the new pattern you chose and I think it will be a nice one for you. Sometimes we just have to rip it out and re-choose the right sweater. Good for you for doing it!


Oooh, Hallett's Ledge looks amazing! The only big project on my mind is the one that's already underway and made up of many small pieces!

beautiful yarn should be knit into sweaters we love and wear. kudos to you for being willing to try again. (and yeah, I've got a few big projects on the horizon - a pullover for Katie and a cardigan for me) - also, love the black and white - funny...I didn't notice :-)

Hummm...I liked your Chicane. On the other hand, I don't have to wear it. Takes guts to rip out a whole finished sweater and repurpose the yarn. Here's to you!

You inspire me and encourage that even a finished sweater that was not right can have a new life and be it's potential. I should get some Cast Iron too, as I am also a grey lover and it loves me back for my own silver hair.

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