Under Consideration
Mr. (or Ms.) Jay


Yes, that's me climbing again. The dress was red,a cute dress Mom bought for my first birthday celebration. Since the photo is dated March 1951 this climging event must have happened on, or shortly after, my birthday.


My suspicion is, if mom tried to keep something away from me I would do my level best to get to it. 


You WERE a little monkey!!

Aren't you glad your mom documented all this on her photos? Finding those little stories must feel like discovered treasure.

(WB was my climber. I finally gave up on fishing her off the window ledge and taught her to climb down. She liked to hang out there, like a car-window-Garfield.)

You showed real persistence as a climbing kid! These photos are terrific, and I especially love that you have your mom's descriptions in her handwriting.

These photos are so much fun!

Its nice to have evidence that we could move so uninhibitedly....

I think you were just trying to get bus fare so you could run away from home. ;^D


Hmm. You were a cat in a previous life? ;)

Tenacious!! Haha.

Haha! What a persistent monkey you were!

(do you remember ever falling?!) love the story your mom recorded on the back of the photo - it's priceless!

Looking up, always!!! XO

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