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Mary Oliver book

The minute I heard Mary Oliver would be publishing a new book I called my local bookshop and placed an order. When it arrived I read it from cover to cover, but I keep it near and reread a poem every once in awhile.

A few weeks ago Mary's Facebook page asked for photos of Blue Horses along with a favorite line from the book and I complied with a line from Such Silence!.

"What's magical, sometimes, has deeper roots than reason." 

When the publisher asked for addresses I immediately sent mine. Would I really get a book plate with Mary's signature? Truly, I wasn't sure I'd be one of the 200 hundred she was signing, but a couple of weeks later I received an envelope from Penguin Press and my heart skipped a beat. To have Mary's signature for my book is stunning. 


This is so perfect, in every way. The line you chose, the end result. Everything.

Wow! Yes, perfect in every way! And everything Claudia said. So happy for you.

That's wonderful - what a beautiful addition to your collection!

This is a joyful post! I'm thrilled that you got a signed bookplate, and I really like the line you chose. I never thought about poetry lines standing on their own, but this one certainly does.

So lucky! Sometimes I wonder why signatures have such power, and I think its because they're a part(albeit small) of the signer.

This is so wonderful!Congrtualations on the bookplate. I love that line and no nothing of her. Thanks for sharing this, I am off to go read some of her poetry!

now this is super exciting!! I love that you quickly ordered the book and it came with a signing, it's like meeting her :)

AWESOME!!! That is SO cool!!!

YAY! I haven't picked up this book yet...but it's on my list.

I love that line. Very cool about the bookplate!

I love that you and Kym are sharing poetry with us. I loved it when I was a young adult, but lost touch over the years as I said on Kym's blog. I love reading what you girls share....keep sharing!

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