Morning Sky

Mr. (or Ms.) Jay


Mr. (I do believe this is the Mr.) and his Mrs. have been nearby all week. I see them in pairs, with one staying at a distance, a little more timid, but still ready to grab a peanut or two. Mr. is a bit of a bully and tries to keep all the peanuts for himself. Perhaps the rule of law for scrub jays is "he who is the most aggressive gets the peanuts". 


I feel bad for the 2nd one...if she is the Mrs., I'd love to see her husband share!

We humans just don't understand the rules of nature. I hope they both get enough peanuts!

I am sure they are both well-fed in the end. :-)

I think scrub jays cache food so maybe Mr. isn't stealing from Mrs. but rather saving some in a secret place for her!

I love your scrub jays and their peanut-antics!

Will they let you hand feed them the peanuts?

Maybe he gets the peanuts abd she gets the pinons.

I notice that cardinals are almost always in pairs, too, with the female never quite as aggressive as the male -- she always hangs back. There has to be something science-y to all of that!

Evolutionarily correct. Except in the spring.

I'm sure there are plenty of peanuts for all!

I'm going with he's stashing them for her!

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