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Today, Right Now


Yesterday's sunrise was a beauty. Today I am...

Watching...the dark sky turn light, as the sun enters our valley and by 7:20 there could be a beautiful sunrise, or it could be too cloudy. 

Reading...A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving (I'm half way through and I love this book!) and Coincidence by J.W. Ironmonger (not sure about this one, as yet). 

Knitting...Duane Park Triangle, although, I'm tired of garter stitch and may start a sweater to break up the monotony.  

Dreading...a full 5 day work week. I've enjoyed a weekend of doing as I wish and having time to hang out with friends. lunches for the week, must have a list ready for the grocery store games.

Humming....why does the song "The End" by The Doors keep running through my mind? morning pot of tea (Assam).

Itching to...find out all the new tips Susan has to offer at her Hat Trick Class on Thursday. 

Wearing...all week, I've been wearing shrit sleeves and a light jacket. The unseasonable warmth has been disconcerting but delightful. Today, coats will be back in the wardrobe. Dad's old photo album into my new archival photo album. More on this later, as I switch the old black album for a new. 

Disappointed by...the sunrise today (I started this an hour ago) was a dud as the day is going to be cloudy and gray. At least the wind has stopped. 

Delighted by...a breakfast date with friends, as Smith and I both have today off. Usually, he's working when I'm off and he's off when I'm working. 


Inspired by...myself and and others who made it thorugh a full month of posting every day. I sometimes complained about the task, but always enjoyed reading what others had to say, learning about my on-line friends, and feeling more connected to everyone who participated. 

Looking forward to....not posting every day, but I will keep my eyes, and my heart, open for interesting ideas to share. 

Friday Report and Saturday Sky

As many of you recommended, I was able to do everything on my heart's desire list. 


I downloaded my new audio book, laced up my walking shoes, and headed out the door for a walk. As the day went on, the cloudy skies gave way to scattered clouds and bright sun. 

I also took a few minutes to string little white around the table tops and the windowsills, and when the daylight started to fade, the little white lights added warmth and glow to the room. The lights will stay in place until the sun has added a little more light to the daytime sky, around the end of January. 

While I did a few clean up chores around the house, I  also made a pot of tea, then spent time sewing the little stitches of my Alabama Chanin project, as well as, knitting a few rows on my shawl. Very few weekends offer a chance to totally relax, put my feet up, and work on my projects uninterrupted, but an extra day in the weekend allowed me to do just that. 

Did you get a chance to spent time crafting? I hope your Friday included time to relax and enjoy the Holiday weekend. 

The Day is Mine

Gray skies, warm temperatures, time on my side, I have a day to do as I wish. 

My heart says I can listen to the new book I just download, "A Prayer for Owen Meany", but my head says I should post to the blog. 

My heart says I can go for a walk, despite the gray skies it is beautiful outdoors, but my head says I should post to the blog. 

My heart says I can put up the little white lights we use to brighten our home during the darkest days of winter, but my head says I should post to the blog.

Crafting corner

My heart says I can stitch on my AC project and/or pick up my knitting, but my head says I should post to the blog. 

My heart says I can make a pot of tea, kick back and enjoy my day off, but my head says I should post to the blog. 

But then, when it comes right down to it, my heart says I can do all of the above, including post to the blog, and my day will be full of joy, embracing all that I love. 

Happy Craft Friday!

Craft Friday Declaration

When Beverly first blogged about Craft Friday I loved the idea, but didn't think I would participate, as I do not craft for Holiday gift giving. I am a selfish crafter.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could craft on Friday even though I'm not making gifts. The important thing is I will not shop on Black Friday. I will be spending my day crafting, perhaps enjoying being outdoors if the weather permits, staying away from the maddening crowd.


My first memory of crafting involved learning to embroider, the project on yellow fabric was the outline of a puppy dog bib. Once I had the outline finished moved on to his eyes and nose. I'm not sure what happened the project, but I know it wasn't my last piece of embroidery as I went on to pillow cases, table clothes, and samplers. My first sampler still exists, buried in my unused table linens.

One thing lead to another and I learned many other crafts from my mother's, and my grandmother's hands. I am ever grateful for the passion they instilled in me to use my hands to create. 


My crafting time will be spent stitching on my Alabama Chanin project and knitting my current shawl, Duane Park Triangle. The next row of the shawl starts the striped section, of New England Red and Godiva brown, two of my favorite The Woolen Rabbit colors. 

Are you planning to work on your knitting, or other crafting project, or are you deep in the throes of Thanksgiving preperations?  Have you intentions of being a part of Craft Friday? 

The Warm Cozy


This is the annual Thankful Edition of ToT, but never does it hurt to reiterate what one is grateful for even if it is exactly as in years past.  I would love to hear from you and for you to tell share with me, as you visit this blog, what is one thing that you are especially thankful for this year. 

This year I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the warmth of a roof over my head.

This year I am grateful for the job I have that pays for the gas to warm my home.

This year I am grateful for the cup of tea that warms my hands and fills my body with its warm fluid.

This year I am grateful for the warm friendship of my book group and the beautiful home we met in last night, gathering around a warm fire.

This year I am grateful for the warmth of the blanket covering my lap as I type.

This year I am grateful for the warmth from the space heater I use when feeling a little too chilled.

This year I am grateful for the warmth from the heating pad keeps the pain from my back.

This year I am grateful for warm soup, full of fall vegetables.

This year I am grateful I for the elctricity that comes into my home and runs all the warming devices.

This year I am grateful for the wool shawl covering my shoulders. 

This year I am grateful for the caring, warm, and genuine love of my hubby.



The weekend was wintery, cold, snowy, and gray. 

The weekend was full of friends...Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, too. 

The weekend was quiet, as Smith worked Saturday night.

The weekend was spent sewing, most of one night spent on my Alabama Chanin bag. 

The weekend left me some time to knit and I am making good progress on my Duane Park Triangle.

The weekend gave me quiet time to listen to my new favorite podcast, Serial

The weekend gave me some time with Smith, breakfast out on Sunday and a nice dinner at home.  

The weekend was spent without a camera in hand, as I tend to live in the moment. I forget I have a smart phone/camera, which may be proof I am old (but, that doesn't mean I'm not with it, right?) 

The Street Where I Live


The time was 5:30am when I first got out of bed. As I took a peek out the window I was not surprised, but still disappointed, to see there was no snow. When I looked out again at 7:00am, snow was falling and had already started to stick to the ground and by 8:00 the ground was covered. At this moment, flakes are lazily falling from the sky, but the morning storm is expect to be short lived. Our mountains aleady have close to 24" and another leg of the storm is expect to arrive this evening. This is as it should be. 

Morning Sky


Thursday morning sky was dramtic in shades of gray, but when I added it to Instagram, I used a filter to alter the color. The over-washed effect gives the photo a porcelain glow and brings out the shape of each cloud.The sun hasn't quite come up over the mountain, but its golden glow highlights the peaks. 


Wednesday morning, the clouds were lit by the sun just as it was rising behind the peaks. I love capturing the light as it enters my sky, as it casts the most interesting effects when it begins the day.

Instead of knitting or sewing, I have been playing with my camera apps, only taking a few photos, mostly of the sky, which is the most interesting thing in my daily life. While going in to the office I see the sunrise, but by the time I leave work, the sky is already dark. I am not amused there is still another month before the light starts its return. 

Today we await a storm, which I hear brewing, the wind buffeting my windows and stirring up the chimes. I hope for snow, a lot of it, not a "Buffalo" amount of snow, but snow nonetheless. Come one winter! Get on with it.

Mr. (or Ms.) Jay


Mr. (I do believe this is the Mr.) and his Mrs. have been nearby all week. I see them in pairs, with one staying at a distance, a little more timid, but still ready to grab a peanut or two. Mr. is a bit of a bully and tries to keep all the peanuts for himself. Perhaps the rule of law for scrub jays is "he who is the most aggressive gets the peanuts".