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Happy Thanksgiving!

Craft Friday Declaration

When Beverly first blogged about Craft Friday I loved the idea, but didn't think I would participate, as I do not craft for Holiday gift giving. I am a selfish crafter.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could craft on Friday even though I'm not making gifts. The important thing is I will not shop on Black Friday. I will be spending my day crafting, perhaps enjoying being outdoors if the weather permits, staying away from the maddening crowd.


My first memory of crafting involved learning to embroider, the project on yellow fabric was the outline of a puppy dog bib. Once I had the outline finished moved on to his eyes and nose. I'm not sure what happened the project, but I know it wasn't my last piece of embroidery as I went on to pillow cases, table clothes, and samplers. My first sampler still exists, buried in my unused table linens.

One thing lead to another and I learned many other crafts from my mother's, and my grandmother's hands. I am ever grateful for the passion they instilled in me to use my hands to create. 


My crafting time will be spent stitching on my Alabama Chanin project and knitting my current shawl, Duane Park Triangle. The next row of the shawl starts the striped section, of New England Red and Godiva brown, two of my favorite The Woolen Rabbit colors. 

Are you planning to work on your knitting, or other crafting project, or are you deep in the throes of Thanksgiving preperations?  Have you intentions of being a part of Craft Friday? 


Craft Friday sounds like a much better use of our time than Black Friday shopping; I'll definitely be participating!

I'll be making pies today but sneaking in knitting, too. I'm on sleeve island!

I'm having Thanksgiving at my house, but plan on throwing things together at the last minute. For certain I won't be shopping on Friday, but I'm actually working that day.

I guess I'll inadvertently be participating in Craft Friday. :D

No one coming to our house so I'm having an unusually calm day today! ;)
Crafting it is for me on Friday. I dislike crowds very much and shopping almost as much.
Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be knitting or plying. Hate my spam on Black Friday deals clogging everything.

What a great idea! I have been so busy lately and so stressed, it sounds perfect. Count me in! And, what is your Alabama Chanin project? Your picture is so intriguing Happy Thanksgiving,Sweetie!

I'm going to be decorating and knitting... definitely not shopping!

I may take a break from crafting gifts to work on my Alabama Chanin project, too! I need to love some thread!

Not shopping and absolutely crafting! My Mom brought sewing to my world when I was about 10. Though it's been hit or miss I'm happy to have returned to it. Hopefully finishing some fingerless mitts tomorrow!

I will definitely be crafting on Friday (as almost every day of the year) with purpose... finishing a hat that is a long-overdue gift, and working on a few other quick (that's key!) gift-knits. I'm usually very selfish with my knitting, too, but the stars have aligned...

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