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And on and on. A while ago Kim said she felt the border of Cactus Flower was never ending and it made me realized how much I had yet to knit. At this point I am 11 or 12 repeats into an 18 repeat border and, I must say, it is starting to feel endless. It wasn't until I'd reached the halfway point that my attitude changed to the "endless" feeling. 


Why had my attitude changed when I was now, actually, on the downhill side? Had I forgotten that I am all about the process? Oh yes, I love a finished project, but I also love being mindful of knitting while I knit. There is entertainment in each loop of the yarn over a needles and being conscious of the action of creating lace. Each nupp brings me joy (after it's completed) and each 38 row repeat gives pleasure, along with a feeling of accomplishment. The process of knitting is all about just that, the process.

By changing my perception, my new perspective has yielded much happier knitting time. Completing each row takes me closer to wearing this beautiful shawl over my shoulders and the advantage is I am enjoying each row as it happens. I no longer look at how far I have to go, but at how much I've accomplished.  It is the process that brings joy.



wise words! that shawl is a thing of beauty on the needles.

Just what I need to hear today... Having just completed repeat #1 on my own lace border! (Good thing it is so lovely, that's all I have to say!)

my my my I'm in love with that knit :)

It's beautiful! I finished mine on Sunday night. I haven't blocked it yet but YES that edging seemed to take forever.

Oh, it's so pretty when it's finished!! You're getting there...

Indeed. There is no prize at the end except a well completed journey. It's beautiful!

This is exactly how I feel when I am knitting mine. I will miss this knit when it is finished, but it will be nice to wear them too, right? xoxo

Such wisdom! If we don't enjoy the journey, what is there? A good thought to keep in my head today and every day.

It's gorgeous! Process on. :)

From an outsider's view, it looks like you're pretty close to being done! Enjoy your process; those are truly lovely colors and a truly lovely shawl.

I'm going to re-read this daily until we finish once we start painting inside! And the shawl is just beautiful.

Thanks for reminding us about being mindful and enjoying the process as we knit!

It's sort of like thinking that you're nearly done with a sweater after you knit the body and just have the sleeves left. Until you realize how much knitting that really is.

The shawl will be beautiful!

Good for you. I tend to start looking at the next project when I reach slog time;-p Happy Thursday!!!!

It already shows so much beauty, and you are almost there. I understand the feelings. I suppose I am likely to go through the same as I keep working on my current shawl. I am about 1/4 of the way around, and am still enjoying it. I'll keep you in mind if I forget to enjoy the process. xo

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