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Every once in awhile the desire to stitch comes over me and I set my knitting aside, and the Alabama Chanin project comes out to play. Stitching this piece has taken a little longer than I anticipated, but finally I'm finished with the running stitch outlines on the front of the market bag.


Truthfully, I became a little too enamored of the knots on top feature and may have  overdone it, but once again, I am reminded of the lesson that less is more. Next time I'll work to be a little more discretionary with my knots.

The feeling of excitement I felt was quite electric, as I started to cut away the fabric of the petals. I took a calming breath and cut into the first shape, watching as the gray fell away and the color behind came into view. I felt a bit of pride, as well as relief, because I can tell this finished bag is going to be grand.


When my hands grow tired of holding tiny, sharp scissors, I stitch on another piece of the bag. I have changed techniques and instead of running stitch with knots showing, I'm using the back stitch without visible knots. Thoughts of beaded petals are running through my mind, as I think of the amazing work of Mason-Dixon's Ann Shayne. Check out this blog post where Ann tells of her trips to India and Alabama, which were truly amazing in all aspects. Her resulting AC shawl is something to behold.

My stitching time is short, although I am now committed to find more time to work on this project. It would be nice if the market bag could be finished by the end of the year. There's a whole lot of hand sewing to do between now and then if it is to happen.  I hope you'll be watching my progress, as I need a little encouragement!


That bag is going to be fantastic! I think that should be ample encouragement to work, work, work and get 'er done.

I love how the orange peeks out in the petals! You are doing a wonderful job with this project.

I'll be watching and anticipating your progress on this great bag! I really like your back stitch and can't help but like a project that reminds us of lessons.

Your bag is looking so lovely! I discovered the Alabama Chanin books this summer, too, and was so very inspired. It's certainly hard to have enough time to make acceptable progress on hand sewing and knitting projects! I've been stitching all week on a tunic prototype and very excited about the whole process.

Can't wait to see the whole thing finished up - it's such a tease to only get to see part of it. :) Lovely!

It's very exciting to see the color peeking out now! I'm sure the bag will be awesome.

Your embroidery skills definitely show - your stitches are much smaller and neater than any others I've seen.

I have mixed feelings about the knots. I like them on some pieces I've seen, but on others I think they just look messy.

I had never heard of Alabama Chanin before Kym mentioned it. Your bag will be beautiful and I think beading would make it a keepsake!

Love it Margene.Love the colors. I like the knots too-and I know how easy it is to keep adding more and more to these , which is why my top is not quite done. The outside knots are going to be fabulous on the bag when complete and I suspect won't look like you went overboard at all. (admitting here that Ann's beading also turned my head).

Gorgeous! Oh my gosh. Love! I just heard an interview on NPR with Natalie Chanin -- she's so cool!

Oh, how beautiful! It's going to look absolutely stunning!

It looks beautiful, and the gray and red are a great contrast.

Go go go go go!

Margene, this is going to be something that is useful and beautiful, just like your favorite knitting projects. I don't know if I could use it as a market bag! I can hardly wait to see the finished project.

They call that "Alabama Fur"!

Ha. I've got a bunch of beads & sequins because of Ann Shayne and those posts!!

Looking fabulous, Margene. That's going to be one gorgeous tote bag. :)

I thought the first photo was cool...and then I saw the exposed red underneath. let me just say you have a HUGE cheering section here in Georgia. I can't wait to see the progress and the FO!

It's coming along so beautifully, Margene! I just love that red peeking through! Just wonderful!

Everything about this is fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Oh, I am just loving this! Watching your progress is such a joy for me. I hope you are able to finish this by year's end, and that the time spent on it brings good feelings. xoxo

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