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We're all asking the same questions...where did summer go? How can it be September?  Some of us are sad to see September arrive, even though it's a beautiful month, full of color, the changing light, and garden bounty. The temperatures of August were cooler than normal and precipitation above normal, which are the main reasons I'm nostalgic for summer's warmth.


Sunday, Smith and I had an unexpected morning together, which meant he could accompany me to the farmer's market. Smith had breakfast and I had GF muffin from GF2, while I did my shopping and watched a couple of people blow huge bubbles. Children scurried to reach up and pop them as fast as they were formed. I enhanced the bubbles with a camera app to make them more visible. Fun, no? 


Last week I took Thursday off and we spent the day together, fitting in some of our favorite things to do and even a few chores, as we could.  You would expect we'd take a drive up the canyon, breakfast at our favorite spot, and then take a walk around Silver Lake, and we did! 


The recent rains had created puddles in various places around the lake and the best photo I took all day was of pines reflected in on the water. 

The weekend was wonderful, three day weekends always are, as they offer time for a little bit of everything; time with friends, time for knitting and sewing, time to exercise, cook, and garden, as well as time to regroup to face the work week ahead. I'm happy it will only be 4 days long!

Did you do something memorable this weekend? 


Sounds like you made the most of the last official weekend of summer. Our September is feeling more like August so far and that's just fine with me.

Oh, great job on the bubbles - I would never have realized! :)

three day weekends are magical! over here the heat and the humidity lessen my excitement for the arrival of fall. But soon, very very soon :)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend!

Love the photos. Don't know if I like the bubbles or the reflected pines the most. :D

Love those bubbles! What a fun treat for the kids there and those of here at your blog. And the Pines photo makes me wish I were there.
Welcome to a gentle re-entry into the week.

what lovely photos! sounds like you had a great weekend - nothing too memorable here (lots of football and knitting, and despite the heat, that always seems like fall!)

Pines in the puddle...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

It was good to see you on Monday! I need to go to the farmer's market this year before it is over.

This summer went faster than most! Looks like a happy weekend, love that reflection photo.

We had the hottest August on record, and this morning (or last night), I had my first frost. It's fall...

Pines AND clouds in that puddle. Fabulous photo!

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