And...ToT is Back!


You've seen the wall of my patio in many finished project photos...

IMG_7897've seen, and maybe even sat in, the red (plastic) chairs.


 You've seen the lantern covered with snow, rain, and knitting...

5381429648_df1a3022c2_z well as, the rocks (and debris)  of my zen garden.


The wall is being replaced with white plastic, which Smith and I really don't want, but, when you live in a condo, someone else rules and you get what they want. The wall will be fine and we'll do our best to cover some of its whiteness. The lantern will return to its spot in the corner, the rock will be washed and put back in place, and next summer we'll find new furniture.

Hopefully, it won't be too long before everything is back in its place and we'll be able to hang out before the temperatures turn too chilly.


Well. Hopefully it will be a chance for new decorating (of the wall). Jeez.

You have at least 2 months (off and on) to use that patio. There will be warm days mixing with the cold ones. Or, at least I hope there will be! That white will be mighty glarey, too! Happy Hump Day, Grrlfriend!

I bet you will get used to the white, one day. Loved seeing your spot in your yard :)

You are right. I'm more familiar with your zen garden than I realized!

Our neighbor put that white up and it's right out my's grown on me and I've actually come to like it. I hope that happens for you!

I'm not fond of the plastic, either, but like others said, you will get used to it. I'm sure once things are all back in their place, and you've found a few things to screen it a little, it will be fine and eventually pretty unnoticeable.

I don't love plastic but I do like the clean fresh look of a white wall. I hope you will come to love the space again and make it your own.

Maybe some climbing vines? Do your covenants let you do that? At least you still have those awesome gray river rocks!!

Change, the enemy, but the ever-present circumstance! Is that statement profound or nonsense? You have a great attitude, you will adjust in no time. I love your zen garden.

I can give you some ideas for the white vinyl wall of death. I have one, too.

Can you put a firepit or some kind of winter warmer out there? That would be amazing (I don't have one but I've visited places that do and felt admiration and envy).

White plastic?! Plastic lumber or something like that? I hate the smell plastic lumber gets when its hot out...

alll that snow!!! I know y'all will make the patio another zen place in time.

That'll be bright, won't it!? I can't wait to see what you do with the place...

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