This meme has been going around for awhile and I always enjoy reading "currents", because they're a one post way of finding out more about friends lives.  At the moment I am...


Watching ... the autumn colors slowly creep over the face of the mountains.

Reading ... well, rereading Life After Life, by Kate Atkinson, who is one of my favorite authors, as my book group decided to read it. This has been the summer of rereading.

Knitting ... really, truly, and honestly, I have been knitting, but the task has been arduous, between all of my tinking and the ongoing arm pain. I've plans to show you my project next week. I'm also sewing my Alabama Chanin project. More on that later, too.

Dreading ... washing the rocks on the patio, as they need to be cleared detritus before they're returned to the garden. We haven't come up with an efficient idea for getting the job done.

Listening to ... my favorite radio station, KRCL, 90.9, community radio at its finest.

Thinking about ... the Alta Knitter's Retreat is at the end of the month. Yay!

Celebrating ... today! My re-birth was 5 years ago today. Can you believe it?! And Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Kim. Let's celebrate!

Planning ... Smith is working so I'm planning a night out with a girlfriend 

Itching to ... get back to pilates after a two week hiatus due to a bad knee. I hope my knee's ready for Saturday!

Drinking ... a cocktail, from BarX. I'm not drinking it at the moment, but it's what I had last night when out with grrlfriends. We celebrated!

Needing to ... finish cleaning the guest room, as a friend is coming at the end of the month.

Organizing ... a closet in the guest room. It must be faced.

Inspired by ... Intagram and the dozens of photographers who share their work with a quick photo and a few hash tags.

Delighted by ... knowing Saturday night we a concert to attend. Smith was able to get the day off and we have tickets to our first jazz concert in 8 years. So much has happened over that period of time and we've decided to celebrate.

What's happening for you this week? 



I've always loved the photos you share of your beloved mountains, but lately... WOW!!

It sounds as though you are busy and happy. Happy Rest of Your Life,(we're so glad you are still here) and what a strange trip it's been!

You have some wonderful stuff going on and happy REBIRTH day to you! I wish I was the guest coming at the end of the month. Just sayin.

Happy rebirthday! I hope your knee is feeling better.

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years. Happy re-birth day, dear friend!

Happy Re-Birthday - another reason to celebrate TODAY! Enjoy getting back to Pilates; I hope it helps your arm pain (so you can get back to enjoying your knitting!)

hope your knee is on the mend and go slowly at pilates! Happy rebirthday to you dear!!

Sending sturdy, healthy thoughts to your knee!

I have the week off. The extended forecast was full of lies (it's been rainy, cold, and generally dreary instead of the gorgeous sunshine and warmth forecast last week), so I've been reading a lot.

Lots of wonderful stuff going on in your life and I am so happy to share this special day with you forever!


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