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Let the Sunshine

A friend asked if I liked having a smart phone, even though she knew the answer.I use it daily to take photos and post them on-line. I've learned many new techniques and which app to use that help to create the photo I have in mind. I learn more everyday. It's the doing that is the best teacher.

I am very pleased with the class that I took from Big Picture Classes. I learned to take into consideration the light, the composition, the background, and much, much more when taking pictures. On top of that, I get to decide which app to use (if any) to change the image into my own piece of art.


Sunflowers are filling the gardens, the sides of the roads, as well as, the flower stands. They're sunny faces are hard to resist.  Sunflowers feel like fall, look like fall, and they give me a thrill, as well as a chill. I love them so, but I look at them with a slight heaviness in my heart, as they portend the ending of summer.

The Expected and Unexpected


Summer is waning and I'm doing my best to hang on to what's left.  When my sister came to town we made sure to pack in as much fun as we could. (My hair is not that white, it's just the sun highlighting the whiter strands. I swear.)


I wanted to show Neena that SLC had a grown up a little by taking her to one of the cocktail bars downtown has to offer. We had a very fine evening at Bar X. The cocktails and the ambiance were perfect and we both decided if we lived near downtown SLC this would become a favorite hangout. It might be a good thing I live miles away. 


One of the places you might expect we'd go was Silver Fork. I had my usual trout and eggs and she had her usual, Huevos. After a very fine morning of enjoying the deck and the good food, we made a pilgrimage to Silver Lake. Of course.

Have you been hanging on the last days of summer? I'm hoping for a long and colorful fall!

Just One


Going through old photos is just one of the many things that have kept me occupied over the last couple of weeks. I sorted through hundreds of photos and winnowed out the duplicates, some not so great shots, some with people I didn't know, and I still have near a hundred photos to send in for scanning. Vicki recommended ScanCafe and that's where I'm sending my cherished photos. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Going through the large box of photos I had was an emotional experience. I found photos I didn't know existed, letters and cards from my childhood, and memories my mother had tucked into the pages of scrapbooks. Mom has been gone for 25 years and I have not thoroughly gone through this box of treasures she left for me. It will be wonderful to have the photos ready to share with other family members and kept for the generations to come. But, holy cow, wasa it a task. 

Behind the Scenes

Once I let the blog go silent it was easy to let it stay that way, although I do have the excuse of a very busy couple of weeks. I visited my sister a couple of weekends ago, as you know, and the next week I filled with meet ups with friends, plus trying to catch up with myself when I could. In truth, the blog got away from me.

One of my favorite events over the last week was the the opening of a friends art show. Nance is a stained glass artist and her husband, Dave is a steel artist and in all the years they've been known in the art scene around SLC, they had never collaborated, until now. 


I enjoy the humor Dave and Nance bring to their art, as you can see in this Lamp Post Lamp. Every piece they put in the show was a perfect melding of their distictive arts and I was awed by their abilities, the way they could bring a smile to any face, and the way delicate glass and steel could come together as one in perfect whimsy. If you live in SLC make sure you go to the show. It runs through the end of September. (Check the hours as they gallery hours are limited.) 

I have more to share, more about my knitting, my photo class, and the fun things I've fit in the past week, but this week looks almost as busy as last, so posting will continue to be sporatic. 

In An Instant

I've had fun exploring the apps on my phone and I've have been publishing many of my photos on Instagram. It's quick, easy, and the photos need little explanation. (I'm loving the #hashtag thing.) It's also the place the Big Picture Classes photographers hang out and share photos.


Smith and I were sitting on the patio last Friday night. I should have been packing, but instead I sipped a glass of wine, listened to the local community radio station play 2 hours of Jerry Garcia, and watched Smith clean up this years garlic harvest. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of two of his most prized garlic heads. Instagram provided the right mood filter.


An app I played with, but doubt I'll add permanently to my camera, provided this whimsical double exposure of two sunset photos.


My sisters desert treasures gave me the opportunity to play with the warm color of southern Utah sands and ancient rock shapes.


Since my phone is with me every morning as I drive to work, I've been able to capture the daily sun as it rises over my mountain. Adjusting the shadows and exposure with an app enhances the light. I learn with every photo and every adjustment and I've enjoyed the chance to capture parts of my day.

Happy Weekend!!

84 Years

Mom 1947
You may remember the family reunion I attended in July. It was a gathering of my mothers family. My uncle, mom's brother, had photograph albums full of pictures and family history we'd never seen. My sister and I believe the above photo was taken around the time mom would have been 16 or 17. Her 84th birthday would have been next week.

Uncle Cliff gave us a disc with all the photos and histories that were in the book. Copies of the disc will be made and sent to all our siblings, as in this age of digital record keeping it is easy to pass on the pictures, and even the stories, of the past and we're very happy Uncle Cliff was savvy enough to do so.


Road Trip


Saturday I drove 250 miles to spend an afternoon on my sister's deck and to see a play with her that night. The next morning I drove back home. I knew I was set myself up for a butt ache (which turned out to be true), but seeing my sis, as well as seeing the play,won out.

Sky cloudporn 2
Our summer has been fantastic for sky watchers, as the clouds have put on a show and a small storm, or the threat of a storm, has passed through every couple of weeks. My trip was filled with sky born fantasia.


The view from my sisters deck allows one to watch, as the ever changing sky moves from partly cloudy to serious threat of downpour.  

 I could have stayed on the deck for the duration of my stay and been endlessly entertained.  Between the landscape, the clouds, and the birds I had a carnival of sights. 


Scrub jays and hummingbirds visit regularly, as they watch for their favorite treats. Peanuts for the joys and nectar for the hummers is in ready supply. The show they put on never stops.


 My sister lives in the desert (with her hubby), the house surrounded by sand and juniper trees, but yard art, placed by her hand, creates a garden of found treasures at the entry to their home. 

Yard art

I wish I'd taken more pictures to share with you their amazing handiwork, but I'll leave that for another trip. It has been too long since my last visit and I plan to rectify by going back soon.